Your Stars For The Next 3 Months

By Dr Deepak | | | Skype: drdeepakvidmar

Most significant event during this period of time is the Mars conjunction with Pluto in the last half of April. Both are malefic planets that have to do with violence and explosion. Put the two together and the possibilities are like earthquake, revolution, genocide or nuclear explosion. In Capricorn, it usually has to do with government.

aries Uranus transit is about change, change, disruption and creativity. Tendency is to quit jobs and relationships and old patterns not because there is anything wrong with them, but because you need something new. It can be an exciting time of life that you will miss when it is gone. It only happens every 84 years.

taurus Taurus is the most stable sign of the zodiac. It does not like to change. The tendency is same job, same house, same relationship, everything same same in a world of chaos. All of that is about to change in May when Uranus goes into Taurus after 84 years. You will not know what to expect, but the intention is to realize the potential of your individuality.

gemini Mars transit opposite Gemini speeds everything up, adrenalizes everything. Busy busy in your life at this time. Tendency to impatience or making mistakes through going too fast. Still this confusion in your work and wonderng what it is you want to do. If you are completely honest with yourself, it may be that you really don’t want to work at all.

cancer For years the Pluto opposition has been causing crisis, threat and turmoil in your life and it still is for those of you who are born around the middle of the month. Now another malefic planet (those that cause trouble) has moved into Capricorn opposite Cancer. Saturn causes delay, obstacles, obstruction and hard work. Socially it is about aloneness and having to be self-sufficient.

leo Some confusion in your life now mainly from others being unclear. This is the best time to experiment with dropping your ego and letting your perceived self melt with the ocean of the whole. It is a process of losing yourself to know yourself better. Secret knowledge and secret techniques are available to you now to help you do this.

virgo Neptune in Pisces for years opposite Virgo. On the one hand it confuses everything and leaves gaps in your logical thinking. There is a tendency to misunderstandings with others. On the other hand it teaches you the value of intuition and holistic thinking. Intution and logic seem to be contradictory, but ultimately they come to the same conclusion.

libra After years of upsets and upheavals, finally Uranus is out of opposition with Libra. Peace and harmony return and balance is restored. This is a particularly good time for relationships with others and to pursue artistic endeavors. Those born in September may be affected by the isolation of Saturn transiting square your sign. Possible feeling of aloneness.

scorpio Neptune transit trine Scorpio gives this time in your life a dreamy, poetic quality. There are big changes in your life to come, but for now what is easy is right and what is kind and caring is the unspoken truth. It is a time to be without the mind and follow your intuition. There is a softness the strong part of you may not like.

sagittarius Mars transit through Sagittarius puts some energy in your life. How you use this energy is the key. If it comes out in an uncontrolled negative way, there will be impatience, anger, and conflict. If it comes out in positive way, there is all the energy to do what you want to do and desires are strong. Good time to travel.

capricorn When Pluto goes through a sign, there are upheavals and crises. And all the weak spots in your life are vulnerable. The intention is to make you stronger like pouring cold water over a newly made hot sword. Pluto is the slowest moving of all the planets and has been in Capricorn since 2008. Now another malefic planet, Saturn has started a 2-year transit that will put obstacles and struggles in your way.

aquarius Jupiter transit through the House of work, public recognition, and achievement of goals. Jupiter is Mr. Good Guy who brings affluence and abundance. It is a good time for you to be working and signs of money are there too. But what you do with the money needs a reality check. Make certain all the facts are fully known.

pisces Dear Beloved Gentle One, this should be a social time in which you shine. Four planets are going through Pisces now and somehow you resonate with the Universe and the Divine. Mercury transit gives you the ability to express yourself. Venus transit brings affection and love into your life. The bug in the soup is Saturn this transit brings testing to see if the dream is true.