World Of Good

World Of Good

Project CleanUluwatu


Project Clean Uluwatu works to keep one of the most famous and iconic of all surf breaks in the world clean and beautiful. In June of 2011, PCU removed 30 tons of rubbish from the Uluwatu ravine and has since installed a rubbish collection and recycling system there. In this way they have brought about a new level of awareness and a community in the area that now works to keep this special place clean. Currently they are also constructing a liquid waste management system and are working towards designating Uluwatu as a world surfing reserve.

Sole Men Indonesia


Yayasan Sole Men Indonesia is a non-profit foundation that was formed in October 2010 to raise awareness and provide funds to support accredited agencies and projects for the disadvantaged in Bali. Sole Man Robert declared his intention to be barefoot “to be in solidarity with those who don’t have a choice to wear or not wear shoes”. Sole Men‘s first 535 km barefoot walk around Bali was not just a walk, but also an opportunity to hold health education checks and presentations in schools, orphanages and villages together with a medical team from Anak Anak Bali (Bali Kids). The Sole Men also taught the children to be aware of and how to clean up their immediate environment. As well as raising awareness, they are now primarily focusing on helping cases of individual suffering in Bali.


Bali Against AIDS’s goal is to educate young Balinese people and tourists about the risks of HIV/AIDS and to empower them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves in a fun and uplifting way. They aim to use mainly pop culture such as celebrities, fashion, music, videos, social media and other interests of young people to get the message across that using protection is still the only cure against AIDS and that respect for yourself and your partner is crucial.