We’re Changing The Way We Work. Join Us.

At The Yak we are changing the way we work with clients to reflect a changing world.

We used to talk to you about print advertising. Now we talk about your online branding.

At The Yak the goal has always been the same: to get your product in front of targeted buyers to help you increase sales and maintain a good position in the market.

We’ve always done this by providing great content that attracts readers to our world, then sold them on the idea of considering a purchase of a range of products and services from yours.

We used to call this advertising. Now we call it content marketing.


Nothing’s changed. Everything’s Changed.

Great content engages great audiences. We’ve always known this. So what’s changed?

Print is fantastic and tactile but online is data driven and more targeted. We’ve learned new skills and made alliances with some of the best online marketers out there.

We’ve changed to meet a changing marketplace, offering a range of digital content options that are cost effective, focused online and backed by our reputation for high quality media.



Offerings and Prices

We work together with your team to create engaging online campaigns that mix all aspects of today’s digital marketing world. This utilizes everything we are already known for: great quality, great design, innovative events and above all a loyal following. Our products and services include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertorials and Content Creation
  • Email newsletters and Email Direct Marketing
  • Affilliate Marketing
  • Yak Travel Experiences
  • Events
  • Graphic Design / Video Stills Production
  • Instagram GridView, IG Stories, FB Stories, Online Competitions


1. Social Media Management

Let us take the pain away from daily postings. Let us design your Instagram Grid View so your stream looks amazing. Let us identify online ad opportunities to increase your followers and engagement. Let us build your brand on social media.



2. Online Advertorials and Content Creation

We are experts in creating exceptional online content in words, images and video, whether it’s for your website or social media or The Yak’s online streams. Or both. Let us write a story about you and your brand that will attract premium attention among the right market. We’ll share it on ww.theyakmag.com, our Facebook streams and in relevant independent FB groups for maximum exposure. We’ll add it to our content management system to make sure it’s repeatedly shared on a suitable schedule.



3. Email Newsletters and Email Direct Marketing

Generate solid leads by sending out EDMs to our targeted 10,000 email database.Let us funnel unique clicks from the initial send out with a second offer sent directly to those people who have expressed an interest. Let us create a customized list of all people who have clicked on your offer and send them regular updates on your product. Let us design and build your monthly email newsletter and share it. Let us design a FB and Instagram post to share the news that you’ve sent out a newsletter to your followers.



4. Affiliate Marketing
Let us work with you as an affiliate, creating sales campaigns and directly selling your products and services, then pay us a commission for doing so.


5. Yak Travel Experiences

Your brand as a travel experience. Join and we’ll design a unique, single or multi-branded travel experience for you with The Yak as you Affiliate Partner. These travel experiences have previously included our Harley Martini Tours promoting KuDeTa, Dava at The Ritz Carlton and Naughty Nuri’s Ubud; Sushi On Board promoting a fishing trip and boat; The Yak’s Hangover Picnic in association with Alila Ubud and Escape Nomade and Oysters By The Pool in association with a seafood company.


6. Event Management
Let us bring our Yak crowd to your venue. We can design and create events to suit your restaurant or bar, and we can work on a commission basis.


7. Great Design / Video and Stills Production
Let our in-house design team work with you on how you appear online, whether it’s by designing your logo and branding, your e-newsletter, your online shop or your website. Need a video or stills shoot? No problem.


8. Instagram GridView, IG Stories, FB Stories, Online Competitions

Place your brand into our popular IG stream with 3, 6 or 9 squares comprising your artwork and promotion. Let us create compelling IG and FB Stories and engaging online competitions.

How We Charge For This

We live in a subscription-based world. You pay monthly for goods and services for anything from your electricity to your CRM software. At The Yak we now do the same.

We work on a monthly retainer the size of which depends on which services we provide to you.

Set the size of your budget, choose from our list of services and make a packet for a cheaper price.

Or you can pick one service for one time and pay us for that (it’s more expensive this way).

Here’s a complete list of what we offer, and a list of subscription packets that offer discounts.

Check out the full Yak Rate Card here, with pricing.

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