Welcome To The First Berawa Food and Wine Festival

Berawa Food and Wine Festival

Berawa Food and Wine Festival

The clock is counting down to the first community event of its kind in Canggu. The Berawa Food & Wine Festival (BWFWF) to be held on Saturday August 10, 10am-10pm, caters for the whole family. The stunning venue, Tamora Gallery is the first lifestyle shopping village of its kind in Canggu located at Jalan Pantai Berawa, 99, Berawa, Canggu.

BWFWF uplifts, supports and reflects the shifting face of Berawa; achieving this by showcasing local and international gourmet food, beverages and unique artisan products which call Berawa home. The brands on board represent some established brands and some as yet undiscovered gastronomic treasures which will meander their way through Tamora Gallery on Saturday 10th August 10am- 10pm. This list includes;


Rupa Rupa Kites Traditional Balinese Kites https://www.instagram.com/rupa_rupa_kites/
Le Merch Design Artisan Products https://www.instagram.com/lemerchdesign/
Eco Living Bali Eco Products https://www.instagram.com/ecolivingbali/
The Bandana Love Project Bandana For Dogs https://www.instagram.com/thebandanalove.project/
Happy Kombucha Kombucha https://www.instagram.com/happykombucha/
Ulekan Indonesian Food https://www.instagram.com/ulekanbali/
Art of Spice – Tandoor Indian Food https://www.instagram.com/artofspicebali/
555 Thai Thai Food https://www.instagram.com/hahahathai.bali/
Madame Sui Vietnamese Food https://www.instagram.com/madame_sui/
Cibo Italian Charcuterie & Ciabatta https://www.instagram.com/cibobali/
I Make The Pies NZ New Zealand Pies and Quiches https://www.instagram.com/imakethepies/
Rosalie Cheese Cheese https://www.instagram.com/rosaliecheeseindonesia/
Banh Mi and Beans Vietnamese Food Fusion Banh Mi https://www.instagram.com/banhmiandbeans/
BB 52 Vegan Burger Vegan Burger https://www.instagram.com/bb52burgers/
The Avocado Factory Vegan Food https://www.instagram.com/theavocadofactory/
Primo Chocolate Organic Chocolate https://www.instagram.com/primocioccolato/
Jus Joon Fruit Juice https://www.instagram.com/jusjoon/
Super Dank Fudgies Fudge https://www.instagram.com/superdankfudgies/
Siomay Fanny Dumplings https://www.instagram.com/siomayfanny/
Antidoro Greek Greek Sweets https://www.instagram.com/greekfoodbali/
Toiro Wagashi Japanese Sweets https://www.instagram.com/toiro_wagashi/
Sababay Wines https://www.instagram.com/sababaywinery/
Acai Shop Bali Acai Bowls https://www.instagram.com/theacaishopbali/?hl=en
Wow Booze 24hr online Delivery – Cocktails and Sangria https://www.instagram.com/wow_booze_bali/
Hatten Wines Wines https://www.instagram.com/hattenwines/
Two Islands Wines Premium Wine https://www.instagram.com/twoislandswines/
Dragonfly Wines Moscato https://www.instagram.com/dragonflywines/?hl=en
Albens Cider & WW Premium Wines Cider and Imported Wine https://www.instagram.com/albenscider/?hl=en
Plaga Wines Wines https://www.instagram.com/plagawine/?hl=en
Sababay Wines https://www.instagram.com/sababaywinery/?hl=en

To maintain its unique appeal each food stall holder must create at least one dish exclusive to BFWF and all F&B operators must observe the price guide of IDR 50k per serve. BFWF is a supporter of its local neighbourhood and will.

The event features two entertainment platforms, one an exciting Kids Bazaar, the other in the entertainment arena which will feature some of the best creative talents in Bali; poetry/live music, stand-up and Vault deejays. The venue already has a cutting edge kids playground, skatebowl, forty-four properties comprising, shopping, lifestyle, eateries, health & beauty, the first VR lounge in Bali (Follow The White Rabbit), Genesis Creative Centre and the wildly successful Vault (Cocktail Bunker and Nightclub).

There will be competitions, workshops, raffle prizes, lucky door prizes and workshops conducted by industry heavyweights including, The Hatten Group. BFWF is timed to coincide with the peak of the high season and well placed in the busiest stretch of Pantai Berawa (close to Finns Club). BFWF will attract between seven hundred to over one thousand visitors in its first year and over eight thousand by its fifth year. Thirty percent of the target market is expat families residing in Canggu – many of whom are clients of Tamora Gallery and locals from Denpasar. International Tourists account for sixty percent, domestic tourists holidaying in Canggu from Jakarta and Surabaya the remaining ten percent.

BFWF is conscious of the environment and its community whilst already moving towards a zero waste policy, promoting the use of no plastic and supporting the charity Solemen Indonesia.

Date: Saturday 10th August, 2019 Time: 10 AM–10 PM

Venue: Tamora Gallery, Jalan Pantai Berawa, 99 Canggu.

Email: marketing@berawafoodandwinefestival.com

WhatsApp: +6285883409800   Website: www.berawafoodandwinefestival.com

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