What About My Mother?

By Heidi Firth
WAMM a.k.a ‘What About My Mother?’  is a relatively new cafe in Ubud’s Monkey Forest whose name was born from a conversation with the land owner over rentals.  He asked “but what about my Mother?”  His Ibu (mother in Bahasa Indonesia) was running a little shop selling flower offerings and local snacks – her son wanted to make sure she would be taken care of.  Of course the owners of WAMM have made sure she keeps her activity, next to WAMM, and every day she is seen preparing offerings and selling her wares to the community of Nyuh Kuning.

The name stuck, in resonance with the café owners and New Earth Cooking Chef’s vision (https://newearthcooking.com) for bringing organic, locally sourced, superfoods from Mother Earth to its customers.

The space is open and breezy with surrounding views of frangapani trees bordering the grass football field and a family temple that adds to the tranquil ambiance that being located just outside of the hub of ubud allows.  (located close to the nyuh kuning entrance of the sacred monkey forest on jalan nyuh bulan)

Currently open from 7am – 5pm with future plans for dinner, the menu offers breakfast and lunch options with modern spins on classics.  Inspired not only by passion to bring nutrient dense, locally sourced food and products to its customer, but of existing in harmony with Bali’s uniquely abundant foods, WAMM doesn’t fail to entice ones senses and palate with colors and taste sensations.

Here you’ll find your popular smoothie bowls, jam packed with local ingredients such as kenari nuts, homemade peanut butter, cashews, local chia, all the fruits, moringa, gota cola, kombucha, turmeric, nut mylks plus much much more!  Note the absence of commonly used superfoods which are typically imported ingredients.  Bali’s local ingredients pack a punch of flavor, nutrition and satisfaction, minimizing footprint and cost on the environment.

Examples of menu items:

WAMMcakes use pumpkin instead of wheat flour, apple crumble porridge includes soursop, snake fruit, kombucha soaked raisins, all the spices + other goodies.

Order your Bali benedict, Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Vegan.  Some of the ingredients used are baked sweet potato, coconut & kaffir lime dressing and local free range duck eggs.

One of my personal favorites is the free range pork pancetta & sausage pan.  A satisfying dance of tomato, mushroom, kale, caramelized onion, rucola, feta, pesto + runny duck eggs, provolone cheese and ciabatta.  I’ve got to tell you the pesto here is like nothing else.  Mix together moringa, gota cola & daun kayu manis, and Wamm! – you can throw your daily multi in the trash for the health benefits this will deliver.

Do I have your attention yet?  These dishes are just the start of many more delicious options.

From tropically colorful smoothie bowls, to satisfying gluten free breakfast loafs coupled with house made preserves.  Dishes with ethically sourced meat, delish coffee, decadent coverture hot chocolates, slow pressed juice, smoothies and cocktails, WAMM caters to all types of modern diet with no exclusive focus on any particular eating choice.  All dishes can be made to cater to our ‘friendly’ plant eaters, ‘gluten-ly’ free and carnivores alike.

If you find yourself salivating over menu items, hold your horses, in the pipeline WAMM will open their own deli pantry.  Available for purchase will be a range of homemade food items like vegan yoghurts, jams, nut butters, gluten free breads and other necessary items.  It’ll be just like ogling over Mums fully stocked pantry after she spent a weekend in the kitchen.

Keeping Mother Earth at its core, WAMM ensures waste is kept to a minimum, with all suppliers delivering their wares in newspaper or banana leaf.  Most foods are made onsite, supporting the elimination of plastic containers thrown away.  Their organic waste heads back WAMMs personal garden’s pigs, located in Mas.  It’s a full cycle here.

Bring along the whole family as kids dishes are packed full of goodies.  You’ll get banana smoothies with sneaky additions of spinach and cashew nuts, adding to nutrition and satisfaction fueling their play sessions in the opposite field while you can relax and watch from across the road.

Sundays mornings are busy family days, with kids’ football in the park.  The community vibe is alive and kicking here, literally.

Don’t take my word for it.  Do your body, mind & soul a favor and visit ‘What About My Mother’?
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