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Breakfast with Orangutans at Bali Zoo.


Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but breakfast with Orangutan? That would be one kind of an experience! As the first one in  ndonesia, Bali Zoo has launched a ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’ program. Now, guests ore not only able to eat breakfast like a king, but also with some of the kings in the jungle: orangutans. The package comes with a hotel pick-up around 7 o.m., and the van that picks up the guests will then head straight to the zoo. Once arrived, guests con still breath the fresh air of Gionyor, feel the breeze, embrace the light morning fog, and hear the chirpy birds and other animals that ore just awoke and ready to snooze off your sleepy mode on.

The Zookeeper will guide guests to traditional Sumatran Buffalo House area, guests will witness three to four orangutans ploying around in the playground port of the restaurant. Guest would not only be amused by the adorable orangutans, but the hearty breakfast is also worth the trip. It starts with assorted seasonal fruits and vegetable or fruit juice, then followed by fresh-baked bread that serve with butter and jam,  and ends  with one of  the  guest-chosen  main courses  that  ranged from Egg Benedict, Housemode Granola, until Nasi Kuning. Not to forget, a cup of Balinese kopi tubruk or a worm English Breakfast tea will odd a perfect ending on your breakfast quest.


Although Orangutan is the main charm of the experience, guest allowed to feeding the elephants then get to hold andtoke a pictures with gibbon, birds before touring the zoo. What’s  better to start the morning other than seeing the adorable animals that will make your day?

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