The End Of Hangovers

They can cure your hangover in 30 minutes, what are you waiting for?

Hangovers … all drinkers are prone to them and omg they hurt. But there are ways to cure them within a short time, and it involves medical treatment that doesn’t involve going to the hospital (never a good look that one).

Hangover Lounge Bali is the newest of the treatment centres here, with a standard package of just under one million rupiah that involves an IV drip into your arm (they use baby needles, don’t worry) to pump you full of Vitamin B and C, electrolytes as well as IV headache or anti nausea medication. Add another IDR400,000 and they’ll hydrate you quickly and give you 30-minutes of oxygen therapy. And then you’re good to go.


You don’t need to be a drinker with a hangover from hell to benefit, either. Like many of the best spas here, they also offer treatments for flu, jetlag and Bali Belly.

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