Svaa Port Hits The Shelves

Orang Tua, a company with 72 years experience in herbal wine making, has launched a new product – Svaa Port Wine – to help us celebrate life’s sweet moments.

Svaa port comes in two varieties: Svaa Tawny, a golden brown wine-coloured tipple widely known as one of the port wine categories, is infused with spices and has an oak aroma of dark berries with a hint of caramel and hazelnut, providing a soft, sweet and intense flavour experience.


Svaa Black Rice is unique to Indonesia and uses the extract of black glutinous rice to offer a very familiar taste to Indonesian palates with a full flavour for a different drinking pleasure. It provides a delicious and refreshing drinking experience with a familiar yet unique port wine taste with a twist of Indonesian culture. Both are easy to enjoy for all occasions.


SVAA Port Style Wine is likely to be popular among Indonesian palates. With a tagline ‘Celebrate Your Sweet Momentsโ€™ the company is confident Svaa will be perfect for romantic events, celebrations and family gatherings.

For more information about SVAA check out their Facebook and Instagram

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