SugarSand brings a cool new creative vibe to one of Bali’s most evolving beachfront stretches.

There’s a fresh new sound bringing a cool groove to the energetic beachfront in Seminyak between Dhyana Pura and Double Six. Over the tinny din of beach bar hi-fi systems and competing tunes of guitar groups entertaining the sunset crowds, there’s a sophisticated beat in the background and a whole new way of looking at this iconic seafront.

SugarSand is a beachside bar and restaurant that brings a much-needed taste of sophistication to this hectic stretch. It’s a sigh of relief, an intelligent voice, a place to play, eat and drink that feels as though it was always there … and yet is so brand new that we didn’t even know we needed it until it arrived.

Located on the beach, in front of the stunning designer Hotel Indigo, SugarSand shares a chef and an entrance with the five star resort but carves out its own identity on the beachfront between Gado Gado and Double Six.

SugarSand eschews the beach club tag, rather it is a restaurant and bar, a two-level space with a beautiful oceanfront pool that flows through a range of experiences, effortlessly and beautifully. This is a very intelligent venue. And with two well-known hospitality professionals running the show, the team has been chosen as carefully as the design.

SugarSand’s dream team spent four years working together at Potato Head. Michele Griffo is a familiar face to many, having also served his time as part of the opening team of Mrs Sippy before heading up to Sunday’s Beach Club at The Ungasan. As General Manager he brings his Italian flair and meticulous eye for detail to SugarSand.

Helping to curate the experience is his former colleague, Lady FLiC, one of the island’s best-known DJs and one of the few females behind the decks. Here FLiC expands her role to encompass music, art, evolving creative spaces and sets the tone for what looks set to become one of Seminyak’s most intimate lounges by night.

“It’s great having someone I can trust who is taking care of the music, the art, the artists and creating events so that I can focus on making this an amazing experience for our guests,” explains Griffo. For FLiC the chance to expand her role beyond music is a welcome opportunity. Indeed for each of them, the chance to work together again was a factor in taking on this project.

The spaces at SugarSand, designed by Singaporean company EDG, flow effortlessly from one to the other, each with its own identity but connected. The colours are warm, inspired by elements of Japan and Bali, with shots of colour that pop throughout the venue. The design team took on the project from the initial drawings through to the furniture, the plates, cups, even the taps behind the bar, giving it a flow that makes absolute sense.

SugarSand is a series of intimate spaces and open areas that invite the curious to explore and can easily transport guests from day to night without having to leave. Beautifully designed changing rooms with showers and lockers are located beneath, so moving from the pool to the dining room or upstairs to the lounge bar is a matter of bringing a change of clothes, and an attitude.

The all day menus are based on Nikkei cuisine, the popular food of Peru that combines the best of Japanese food with Latin flair. Downstairs a robata grill adds flame to flavour while upstairs, a cold kitchen rolls up sushi and slices sashimi often piqued for flavour with Tiger’s Milk, the citrus-based marinade used in ceviche.

Australian Chef Nic Philip’s fresh seaside menu sites excellence as its inspiration. Lunch and dinner menus will be more structured and the venue plans to introduce breakfast after soft opening.

From morning to late night the bars will shine with contemporary cocktails, coolers and all things refreshing and different from master mixologist, Singaporean Sufian Mahmoud.

With FliC curating the creative experience, the excellent sound system will carry a soulful tune by day from ambient to jazz, from rare groove to soulful techno, from jazzy hip hop to disco by night. Her brief includes art and installations, with constantly evolving shows from pop up art events to animation featured on the screens inside.

With a pool deck overlooking the ocean, a beach deck, an upstairs terrace, seated restaurant spaces, an upstairs lounge, and a bar that converts at night to an intimate cocktail venue with regular music events, SugarSand brings a new sense of style to Seminyak Beach.

The warm, intimate spaces pop with colour and are awash with natural light by day. Moody conceptual lighting in the evenings creates a space that invites you to come in, sit down and make yourself at home. It feels good to be here, it speaks volumes about great design and the professional, passionate team that infuses it with warmth and creativity.