Single Minded

If drinking good whiskey is your thing you now have a place to go to indulge your passion for the amber dram – Single Malt is here and it’s good, writes Drew Corridore. Photo: Lucky 8.

IT doesn’t get much better for this little black duck than sitting in comfy climes with a couple of friends and savouring a really good scotch.
Opened in mid-May and nestled on the second floor of the Ize Hotel, Single Malt’s balcony looks out over Jl. Kayu Aya in the heart of Seminyak. It’s a casual but smart intimate open area from which to watch the passing parade.
Inside is the air conditioned Single Malt lounge and bar. As befits a salubrious establishment where the main theme is the enjoyment of nectars born in the Scottish highlands, Single Malt’s lounge is furnished with Chesterfield-style leather suites for cosy conviviality; rustic tables and chairs; and, of course, a long bar where guests can sit and watch the bar staff perform their magic.
Neal and I were definitely there for the scotch and, to that end, started with a 14-year-old Oban for him and a 15-year-old Balvenie for me . . . ahh, the beautiful, peaty, smoky, seaside nose. The unique malty marvel as you run the amber around in your mouth, and the smooth warmth as it heads south. I prefer my single malts with a single ice-block that, as it melts, opens up the flavours of the whisky.
It is worthy of note here that Single Malt’s measures are 45cl, not the ubiquitous 30cl that constitutes a “single” in other establishments.
Our companion, Ni Madé, opted to try out the cocktail list, which is extensive. She kicked off with a Magic Mousse – an ingenious concoction with Baileys and chocolate mousse, Jack Daniels over which, in an alchemic moment, the barmeister flames a stream of Cointreau. It looked good and it tasted even better . . . a rich indulgence.
Although whisky drinking has traditionally been a male bastion times they are a changin’ as more and more women discover the subtle delights of the elixir, but there’s plenty on offer at Single Malt to titillate the taste buds of those who are more cocktail-oriented.
Single Malt currently has more than 50 whiskies on offer and is aiming at stocking more than 150 in the not-too-distant. The range of wines and other spirits is generous enough to cater for everyone committed to exploring the wonderful world of the bevvy.
As well as stocking single malts and blends from Scotland, Single Malt has scoured the globe to find whiskies from Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Canada, Taiwan and much, much more.
Although my roots are firmly founded in the land where names begin with “Mc” or “Mac” I felt I had to get out of my comfort zone and opted for a Yamazake 12-year-old from Japan . . . smooth and soft with good sweetness and winter spice. A pleasant surprise.
Neal went “offshore” as well with a Wild Turkey American Honey that, drunk straight up, is an incredibly smooth and sweet experience. Madé, meanwhile, went for a Fabulous Forest cocktail which was indeed fabulous.
We snacked from the tapas menu that is furnished by Meja restaurant downstairs at street level. The Breaded Green Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese were insanely good, as was the elegantly presented Sushi Trio with prawn, salmon and mahi-mahi.
Single Malt is offering a membership programme whereby “Member” cards entitle members to 10 per cent drinks discounts and other benefits; and “Resident” cardholders get their own locker in which to keep private bottles of booze, 20 per cent drinks discounts and a range of other entitlements.
A promotional offer lasting until June 17 involves the purchase of two bottles of your favourite tipple and receiving a free third bottle (based on the average price of the two bottles purchased). This offer also gets you a locker and Resident card. There are only 36 lockers so get in quick. For Yak readers the offer has been extended to June 30 if you bring a copy of this issue of the magazine with you to Single Malt and present this article to the staff.
It’s hip, it’s trendy, comfy and cool . . . Single Malt is a place you need to experience.
Open 6pm to 2am Tuesday to Sunday.