Sharing Fat Gajah

Oh, how we love Fat Gajah, the little street-side noodle and dumpling house has won our hearts for its French bistro-style interiors, its small but delicious menu and the cocktails that have always been a part of Chef Agung’s repertoire. (Fat Gajah is the baby of the Chandi/Arang Sate Bar family). Fat Gajah is located street side in main street Seminyak and it’s the perfect spot for a drop in with a friend, or friends. There’s plenty on the menu to share, not to mention the jugs of cocktails that are a perfect way to savour an indulgent afternoon. The menu lends itself to sharing, with a range of tapas style dishes and tasting platters. Fat Gajah is a light-hearted interpretation of the Chinese delicacies that inspire it. The similarities end there, with creative fillings for the steamed or fried dumplings, delicious noodle combinations and some lighter selections that tip the balance towards full flavour. Bring a friend and grab a small table and solve all the problems of the world, it is a delightful repast.
Tel: 8688212                                            Yak Map T.8