Seaplane To Gili Anyone?


It’s hard to believe it hasn’t happened already but … now a company called Bali Air Adventures is planning to buy a 19 seater Twin Otter seaplane to provide flights between Bali and Lombok and particularly the Gili Islands, so look out for a water take-off and landing option potentially coming next year.

The plan is to use the plane for regular transfers from Bali Benoa Harbor and also to provide scenic air tours. BAA will offer “Morning Scenic Tours”, “Gili Transfers” and “Afternoon Sunset Tours”.

The company is in the process of raising capital towards providing the necessary infrastructure, operating contracts and government certificates to allow for the commencement of schedule service in July 2017.

“We believe the BAA business strategy is right and financially sound,” said BAA’s Michael Johnston. “We’re planning to provide efficient air transportation, offering excellent service to guests at fares that are competitive.”

And this being the age of the internet, BAA is turning to social media to raise funds for the business through an Indiegogo crowd funding appeal. There are a variety of options on offer, starting from A$10 up to A$1,000, which include tickets, scenic tours and marketing collaborations with the brand.

If you’re interested to be involved in the business, take a look!