Cocktails For Potheads


Caribbean light rum, strawberry-infused, top-notch and quality Bali Arak (yes, it is tried and tested and possibly the only place to drink this safely), bar-made rosella syrup, coconut juice and citrus. Built and served big! Yep, that is one of Potato Head Beach Clubโ€™s new cocktails โ€“ Bali Boat, one that is for sharing and caring. Personally, when I took a peek at the new list I veered away from the sharing is caring ethos, being quite selfish when it comes to sharing anything alcoholic. I went for the โ€˜Bali Pimmโ€™s Fruit Cupโ€™ followed by a โ€˜Flower for Zoeโ€™ and in between mouthfuls of delicious tempura, and an amazing salad, I squeezed in a โ€˜Bamboozieโ€™ & finished off the longish lunch with a โ€˜Nanas Coladaโ€™. Thankfully there are many left to try on the Indo Tiki Exotica and Indo Classics lists. There is also a fab array of alcohol-free concoctions for those on a detox or for non-imbibers. I could possibly give up the booze for the bar-made pink ginger beerโ€ฆ

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