Out Of The Box #64

Bali clobber for those modern moments.


Fixie Light Bamboo Bicycle. $1,500 ย  ย  katewood.com/product/kw-fixie-bamboo-bike


Warisan Furniture

The Alma sofa, Lunkoon rectangular coffee and lounge chairs. ย  ย  www.warisan.com



LeMerch cushion. Printed in 100% organic cotton. Handmade in Bali Rp260,000 ย  ย  facebook.com/LeMerchDesign



Add your brand/promote your business with eco-friendly bottles by refillmybottle.com


Lego Stores

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy model available directly from LEGO Stores. ย  ย  www.lego.com


Alexandra Mor

43.88CT Crystal Green Emerald and Diamond Pendant with Natural Silk Cord. ย  ย  www.alexandramor.com



Hat: Sugarcane Wool Hat USD$149 ย  ย  www.apcult.com


John Hardy

LAHAR CUFF and RING. Hollie Bonneville Barden for John Hardy. Diamonds set in the John Hardy signature Lava pavรฉ. ย  ย  www.johnhardy.com

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