Omnia Dazzles

Chillax on the edge of the world at swaggy newbie Omnia Day Club. Stephanie Mee samples the magic.

Few places in Bali inspire as much awe as the surf-battered cliffs of the southern Bukit, and few venues have been as much anticipated in this area as OMNIA Dayclub. Brought to us by the world-renowned Hakkasan Group, OMNIA just had their soft launch in early February, yet rumours had been buzzing about this ultra-luxe, clifftop spot for months prior to the opening. Without an inkling of hesitation, we set out to see if the rumours were true.

Perched on a limestone plateau 100 metres above the Indian Ocean, OMNIA is reached via the same turn-off that leads down to Alila Villas Uluwatu, making for easy access no matter which side of the Bukit you come from. A quick check-in at the reception gives us our first glimpse of blue-on-blue ocean and sky, and then it’s on to the spectacular open-air venue, which truly is impressive in every way.

The design credit for OMNIA goes to Singapore eco-architectural firm WOHA and the Rockwell Group, who have created a multitude of stylish spaces sprawling across the top of the cliff. The entranceway leads into a massive wooden structure that houses Japanese fine-dining destination Sake No Hana on the upper floor and a stepped amphitheatre-style lounge facing the ocean below. Perfect for sun conscious souls, this covered area is awash in warm wood accents and soft sofas in neutral tones.

The real dayclub action takes place on the expansive terrace skirting the edge of the cliff. At the centre is a free-form infinity pool and rows of oversized daybeds positioned to soak up the sun. On the left is the DJ booth, dance floor and VIP cabanas, and to the right exclusive open-sided bungalows with private plunge pools and a secluded swim-up pool bar with floating daybeds.

Perhaps the most striking feature at OMNIA is the Cube, a dramatic bar set on a platform that seems to float over the edge of the cliff. Topped by a huge cube made of LED lights and surrounded by a wooden deck, the bar here is a prime gathering spot and all set to light up the night when the after-dark programme is in place.

In true Yak fashion, we quickly ensconce ourselves in one of the bungalows and get down to the business of fun. A little bird told us that special trainers from the flagship OMNIA nightclub in Las Vegas were brought in to train the staff in Bali, and their efforts seem to have paid off. Within seconds of sitting down, our bungalow attendants set us up with menus, adjust the curtains for our comfort, and offer us suggestions from the menu.

Cocktails come minutes later, a pair of Tangerine Crushes that are citrusy, chilled and adorned with orchids. Light bites are also in order, and we figure fresh seafood is where OMNIA’s kitchen will shine. True to our prediction, a sublime platter arrives laden with lobster, Lombok oysters, blue swimmer crab and prawns on a bed of ice. Sauces of yuzu citrus and soy, sambal and aioli are served on the side and enhance the natural flavours of the seafood.

The sushi and sashimi are also highly recommended, as they come straight out of the Sake No Hana sushi bar where the food philosophy centres on the Japanese concept of shun, meaning the exact moment when an ingredient is at its peak. You can opt for maki, nigiri or sashimi plates, each one featuring glistening slices of fresh fish selected for its superior quality.

Besides sipping and snacking, afternoons at OMNIA are all about sybaritic delights. Sitting back and soaking up the scenery is a given, but you can also pass your time cooling off in the infinity pool, grooving with mates to the DJ’s sultry beats, and mingling with the cosmopolitan mix of dayclubbers on the deck at the Cube.

As our afternoon winds down, we’re told that the Cube is the ultimate sunset spot, so with Prosecco in hand we head to the deck to take in the vertiginous views. On either side green cliffs tumble to a white sand beach below where the only footprints are from a lone fishermen casting his line. Fiery yellow and orange hues fade into red, deep purple and blue, and all we can think is that it really doesn’t get much better than this.

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