Nevermind The Music, What About Omnia’s Awesome Architecture?

It took the island by storm when it opened. now OMNIA has become a club favourite – for its events, cuisine and architectural dynamic. Liuz Sanchez gets his hands up in the air.


The best fine-dining experience combined with some of the most stunning views in Bali, all enveloped in a carefully constructed auditory experience. Bali has dozens of high-end luxury day clubs all vying for our attention, each with their own unique selling points. So what makes OMNIA the day club par excellence on the island?

I invite you to walk a mile in my shoes for a moment. From the entrance, OMNIA stretches out all around you. Guests enter through the grand staircase that serves as the ground floor of their award-winning restaurant Sake no Hana, an architectural masterpiece that provides stunning views through its open-air concept. Staring southwards, the staircase leading to the day club is reminiscent of Bali’s iconic hillside rice fields. Continue down and you will encounter the day club itself; day beds surrounding an infinity pool whose color blends in with that of the ocean behind it, creating that true infinity pool illusion.


When I visit OMNIA I tend to arrive early so as to spend as much of the day there as possible. Arriving early also means getting the full OMNIA experience. The day starts very laid back, with chill ambience music lulling guests into a sense of relaxation. As the sun climbs higher into the sky the music begins to pick up, as do the guests. The swim-up bar becomes more crowded and the day beds, all occupied, transform from a relaxation spot into lively centers of dance and laughter.


To the left of the pool is their already iconic Cube bar, a large bar with lots of seating and a magnificent view from atop the limestone cliff. With a 100-meter drop below, the Cube truly is an impressive piece of architecture and an insanely popular Instagram location in Uluwatu. The Cube itself has a glistening crystal façade with hundreds of LED lights inset that are programmable, lighting up the horizon after dark and creating amazing light shows that complement OMNIA’s night-time aesthetic.

To the right of the pool you can find the dancefloor, DJ booth, and behind it OMNIA’s coveted VIP section equipped with its own swimming pool and private bathrooms. At the start of the day most guests will be in their own world enjoying the sun, good food, drinks, and their circle of friends. However, as the sun begins to set the lines between us all begin to blur and the DJ lures everyone to the dancefloor.


Sake no Hana

A trip to Omnia would not be complete without dining at Sake no Hana. Not only is this Japanese restaurant the first thing guests see when they enter OMNIA, but it also provides visitors with an unforgettable dining experience. OMNIA has gone to great lengths to ensure their menu is perfectly calibrated to please the senses. From sight, smell, touch, to taste; every meal prepared has been carefully engineered not only to look great, but taste and smell fantastic as well.

Sake no Hana’s top floor overlooks the club, and as such creates an excellent counter balance to the club itself. Dining in this open-air latticed restaurant turns you into an observer of the goings on below, creating a secondary experience of OMNIA. The restaurant’s interior is light and breezy, with natural patterns and a design inspired by nature. The restaurant not only complements its surroundings, but also seamlessly blends in to Uluwatu. Dining by the grand staircase below is an entirely different experience, as the minimalist contemporary light installation complements the setting sun and bathes the area in a warm glow.


Sustainable Architecture

The masterminds behind OMNIA’s architectural feng shui are WOHA, a famous Singapore-based architectural firm known for integrating environmental and social principles into their construction, and the Rockwell Group, award-winning architectural behemoths in their own right. Every aesthetic choice was a careful and deliberate decision.

According to Paul Hugo, Director of Marketing at Hakkasan Indonesia, Sake no Hana was built entirely out of reclaimed wood. “The idea was to blend in as much as possible to our surroundings,” Paul told us. “We wanted to make sure that we source locally as often as we can.”


Hakkasan Group

OMNIA is the brainchild of the Hakkasan Group, a global hospitality company and pioneer in the industry. Hakkasan has produced several notable projects including the Michellin-star restaurant that bears its namesake, Herringbone in the USA, and of course Sake no Hana in London and Bali.

With a wide-ranging hospitality portfolio, OMNIA represents their first foray into the Indonesian market. Not only have they done an excellent job at creating a boundary-pushing day club in Bali, but the added presence of OMNIA in Uluwatu has done wonders in shining a spotlight in Uluwatu and upping the profile of a region which has historically attracted mostly surfers and backpackers.


A different concept every weekend

Paul explains: “Whilst weekdays are a relaxed affair for soaking up the views and rejuvenating under the Uluwatu sunshine, we program every weekend with a different concept on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. On Friday we have hip hop, followed by commercial music on Saturday, and house, techno and disco on Sunday. People have their preferred OMNIA days and come back every week, and the crowds from day to day are very different from one another.”

The way OMNIA is designed grants them a large degree of freedom to play around with. Sake no Hana’s grand staircase can be transformed into its own party space when the need arises such as in after parties. As the sun sets OMNIA also brings out large speakers that they can hang by the dance floor beside the DJ booth, which itself is one
giant subwoofer.

Many places have their signature party, a once a year or season event meant to showcase the best they have to offer. “We don’t work that way,” Paul explains. “We focus on bringing it every single time, by having big name draws every month, followed by other great artists every few weeks, and resident DJs every day.”


A Ceremony of Colour

OMNIA isn’t just about good food, music, and a poolside experience either. The company has consistently strived to be a part of the community and to incorporate Balinese culture into the venue. Starting at the end of August OMNIA will be hosting an immersive creative installation inspired by ritual Balinese ceremonies and traditions with a contemporary twist. The installation features over 4,000 handcrafted bespoke pieces that create a transformational and immersive experience throughout OMNIA.

A Ceremony of Colour is a creative collaboration with the Bali-based studio Atelier Seni, Petals by Puri and executed by local craftspeople. Ines Katamso, Art Director behind Atelier Seni, was inspired by the decorations used in Balinese ceremonies and on holy days. “I wanted to combine traditional techniques with modern materials, so I mixed it with a digital drawing that has been printed on recyclable paper to create a contemporary interpretation of traditional decorations.”


OMNIA has collaborated with local craftspeople to create the installation throughout the venue. At the entrance, two large handcrafted barong Ket heads stand guard ready to greet their visitors. A 1.5m by 6m dragon centerpiece can be found inside the venue, with hundreds of handmade penjor hanging above the dance floor and main deck. Beyond that ten large penjor sculptures will grace the main deck,. while 800 traditionally woven lontar decorate the DJ booth.

A Ceremony of Colour runs from August 31 to September 29, showcasing and promoting amazing Balinese art. If you get a chance to check it out I highly recommend it!


OMNIA is open every day from 11am until late.

To reserve a day bed contact General admission fees vary depending on the performers, so check in with the venue beforehand. Keep in mind the minimum age is 21 and you will be carded upon entry.

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