Nagisa Villas … Respectfully Yours.

The Yak spoke to Nagisa CEO Lina Shimizu about villas, beaches and respect.

So tell us Lina, how did Nagisa come about?
The story began in 2006 when my husband Yosuke Shimizu (who is now the acting founder) and I were relaxing at Sanur Beach. We were talking about our life plans and came up with the idea to create a villa company. We both love Bali beaches, so we decided to call the company ‘Nagisa’, which means ‘seashore’ in Japanese. This concept carried through to our logo, which incorporates the colours of sand, waves and blue sky.

What is the main philosophy behind Nagisa?
The main philosophy of our company is to always treat people with respect, to appreciate each other and to build trust. We believe that little things matter and we aim to implement our values of sincerity, passion and trust not only to our customers and guests, but also to everyone we meet.

How has the villa market in Bali changed since Nagisa was established in 2006?
In 2006 there were many foreign villa owners including many Japanese, but now that has changed to mostly Indonesian or Chinese owners. The guest demographics have also changed, not to mention the global political and economic situations. This has really affected our planning and working culture, as we’ve had to make adjustments to meet different expectations and character types. However, our team is strong enough to handle any change that comes our way. We don’t see these changes as obstacles, but rather as challenges, and we believe that our success is directly related to our internal company efforts.

What does it take for a villa to become part of the Nagisa portfolio?
We always do an inspection at each villa to make sure they meet the criteria of what our guests expect from a luxury villa. Some things we look at include facilities, layout, design and location. I also meet with the owners to assess their character, expectations, and their belief in Nagisa to see whether we can form a long-term working relationship. For me nothing is more important than creating a good relationship, so if see that our characters are vastly different or that the villa owner is finding it hard to trust us, then I might make the decision that it’s better not to move forward.

Nagisa has won numerous awards over the years. In your opinion, what is it that makes Nagisa stand out from other villa management companies?
I think Nagisa Bali stands out because our company puts a great deal of value on teamwork. We have a strong foundation and are dedicated to our work, yet we still strive to improve and remind ourselves every day to be sincere, passionate and trustworthy. Our strong teamwork comes naturally from this openness, honesty and support for each other.

What can we expect to see from Nagisa in the future? Do you have any plans for expansion?
We do have a company targets and plans for the future, but most importantly it’s about doing our best every day and going with the flow. We are proud to have grown and expanded this far and to have the staff working with us that we do. My aim is to make sure the staff are happy and feel successful in what they do, because that means the company will also be successful. So really what I would like to see for the future is a company that promotes happiness and a place where we can grow and celebrate our success together.