My Red Envelope

My Red Envelope lets you identify businesses that have chosen to give something back. Join their efforts and win a perfect day in Bali on February 15.

What if you could really have a positive impact on the local community simply by choosing to support a particular business? What if by choosing one particular business you could give back to Bali and provide safe drinking water to people displaced by Mount Agung, or help a young woman from the remote regions of Kalimantan find her way out of poverty through education.

Indonesia already has a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which encourages businesses to support the local community that they are working in. Mostly this is applied to big corporations in industries such as mining and forestry, but what if it could be applied in some way to any business?

At MyRedEnvelope we have learnt that many businesses are very happy to help those in need where they can. Many already do this and have partnerships with Yayasans, others give when the opportunity arises. MyRedEnvelope is linking all of this together with an online platform which enables our members to locate businesses which support charities. It also helps charities and businesses find each other. In the era of social networking this can be an incredibly powerful networking opportunity. A marketing tool for business and a fundraising tool for charity.

The key ingredient is building a membership base, and with the launch of our new website we all have the opportunity to be an effective part of this new and exciting initiative.

‘One Perfect Day in Bali’ is a wonderful prize on offer for anyone joining. Not only is membership free, but when you choose to support one of the businesses it does not cost you anything extra either. Instead the business will make a donation directly to the charity it supports, typically 10% of your bill.

The “One Perfect Day in Bali’ prize demonstrates the scope of how a member could use the new program during a short holiday in Bali. With prizes donated by participating businesses it includes 2 nights accommodation at Bali Ginger Suites & Villa, an afternoon cooking class with Ibu Ketut, an amazing jewelry making class at Sanur Jewellery Studio, cocktails and beauty treatments at The Blow Bar, and a trip to Bali Zoo. Valued at over 6 Juta (around AUD$600) it is a fantastic example of what Bali has to offer.

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