Moonlight Moralez

Here in Bali for the Moonlight Festival (April 6,7,8.) we have none other than Dj and music producer Hector Moralez!

At 18 and working at Primal Records store in California, Moralez gains enough experience and traction to create his unique sound of house.

The online site says his music is “intelligent and soul awakening”…

“His sounds take influence from Latin, jazz, funk, hip hop and soul, and are of course sewn together with his apparent grooving bass lines and solid fat beats.”

We sat down with him …

Greetings H Man – By the looks of it, it’s your first time in Bali?

Yes this will be my first time playing or visiting Indonesia! This is my first time to Asia also. I feel gratitude for the opportunity to come here, and to experience a new country. I’m really looking forward to playing the Moonlight Festival, with my good friends on the lineup. It’s a great reunion for all of us, in amazing place to say the least!

Why Moralez with a “z”?

Uh, that’s interesting story … my great-great grandfather who’s  name was “Gomez” changed the last name from Gomez, to Moralez, with a “Z”.  He was dyslexic and when signing his name, he wrote Moralez instead of Gomez, and it just stuck one day. That’s the story I was told, and to my knowledge we’re the only family that spells it this way.

Give us some highlights in your music career – California, Paris, Ibiza?

Well, San Francisco … growing up there and going to the raves in the years ’93-98 were incredible! This is where I gained a lot of my early inspiration and influence, for the type of music I play and create. My roots.

Then spending time in Paris for about four years, during 2011-2015, was an incredible leap in my career and life in general. Two of my Paris highlights would be playing at the Rex Club for the first time in 1999. And seconldy creating my album with Chris Carrier called Lotus 7 on Apollonia in 2011.

And now being in Ibiza for two years, living on a beautiful island which is something really special … to be involved  musically with all the amazing artists around … is influential. And just being in Ibiza, I feel more inspired than ever. For me my highlight last year on the island was landing my residency at Sankeys Sabados @ Sankeys. That was my first residency, so it meant a lot to me, and I love playing there.

I do miss Paris and San Francisco from time to time, but Ibiza is where it’s at for me at this time of my life.

Ibiza – what was the music scene like then versus now?

I didn’t visit the island until 2012, so I can’t speak on how it was before that. But from then on, the island from my experience has gone through many changes.  I could say things are really alive and special. The events are like no others in the world, the lineups, the people, the venues, decorations, sound systems … you name it, the island has it and more. It’s such a beautiful place to relax and party, you have the best of both worlds.

What venues did you play?

I’ve played at Sankeys, Pacha, Keep On Dancing, Unusual Suspects, Zoo Project, Lost in Ibiza Boat, Club 107, and some dope villa parties!

Tell us about some non-musical turning points in your life.

Non-musical? Hmm … that’s an interesting, because music is my life and has been since the age of 11. Ok, so moving out of my childhood home, on my own at the age of 16. I wanted to pursue my dreams and I headed for San Francisco. Age 18, I get my dream job in Berkeley at Primal Records – life changed after this moment, indefinitely.

On releasing your LP on Apollonia with Chris Carrier you started doing live gigs in 2013 – how did that go?

Well the live show was great. Creating the album was amazing … so doing the live show with Chris was very interesting, because you know it was my first time doing music in front of a crowd of people, as I’m used to DJ’ing. It was a lot of hard work, but super fun and creative. I would definitely do it again.

Was the Lotus 7 road trip really imaginary?

Yes. The concept came from Chris and I, hanging out in San Francisco skateboarding and making music. Chris used to come visit me for many years when I lived in Oakland, and we spent a lot of time making beats and memories together.

You have been applauded by a number of music’s heavy weights. What would your 17-year-old self think of that?

I would think that … I actually don’t know what I’d think. Over the moon excited and then … disbelief?

Fashion, how important is it? Tell us more about your brand “We the Brand”

Fashion is important to the culture and the music, as a form of expression. It’s a lifestyle and part of our music industry.

What do you wear on your feet?

Nike Air Jordans, Vans and Adidas.

Lastly, your life quote is: 

“Keep doing what you love, and believe in yourself.”

Listen here!