Mixtures Made In Heaven

Cocktails are elevated to celebrity status at Bali’s best bars and dayclubs, where the mixologist has become the (wo)man to meet. Cheers!

Elevating The Cocktail Experience

They say there is nothing new in this world. Like music, fashion and food our tastes evolve yet with time, everything old becomes new again. The cocktail is back in fashion and the mixologist is no longer the guy who simply takes your order. His (or her) role is elevated to near celebrity as he switches it up, adapts his flavour bases, infuses his spirits, deconstructs the classics and puts them back together in surprising new ways. All to seduce us into ordering again. Often working with chefs to play off the menu, much as the sommelier will do with his wine pairing, modern cocktails mix and mingle, shining a light on often complex botanical flavours. With or without food, there are some amazing cocktails on our menu these days and we are excited to present some of our favourites.



Brainchild of famous restaurateur, Alan Yau, Sake no Hana brings us an elevated dining experience that has the hallmarks of Japanese cuisine, with a hint of its birthplace in London’s Mayfair and all the mystery of Bali’s exotic local ingredients. The cocktail menu never takes second place, rather it is front and centre. Created with a mix of chemistry and intuition, the chef and the mixologist spend endless hours in their “lab” creating a match made in culinary heaven. Local mixologist Haris has spent years on the competition circuit before making his soft landing in this elevated modern dining room. The cocktails were great before, they are even better now. Playing on nature, my first cocktail spins a tale of a magical garden. The glassware is unusual, the edible flowers as fresh as first picked and the flavours are as perfectly balanced as a geisha. From infused arak, to smoked and blended Japanese whiskies, sake, local spices from ginger to pandan, all mixed and mingled perfectly to a refined flourish. Creativity comes naturally to this team and every ingredient is hand-picked for its character and then finely tuned to its most flavourful. Cocktails are an experience at Sake no Hana. Cocktails are all priced at Rp175K.

Recommended are:

Myuga – made with Arak Bali infused with Honje & Coconut flakes, Clarified Pineapple juice infused with Javanese chili pepper, lemongrass syrup, lemon juice, Campari and tonic water. Tasting notes: savory with a spicy aftertaste, fresh floral with an herbal aroma.

Umami – Made with: Ketel One vodka, House Spiced Mix, Saline Solution, Clarified Lime Juice, Nori Vermouth. An edgy interpretation on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail. Tasting notes: savory, a distinctive vegetable taste, perfect for food pairing.



The grand staircase that connects Sake no Hana to the glittering day club Omnia below, is a destination in itself, allowing guests to enjoy the best of both. Sake and Sounds from 8pm on Saturday and Sunday is a cocktail experience that is set to music. Once you descend to Omnia the cocktails are designed for “maximum impact”. Few people according to Marketing Man, Swen De Ruyter, order classic mixes like bourbon and coke, rather it is bottle service for the luxe guest or slam down cocktails that are mixed with precision to enhance. While some guests enjoy the “accessible luxury” package, which includes free entry, free seating and a poolside day at prices that compare favourably with other beach clubs, few can resist the allure of at least one or two of these refreshing cocktails at the 21+ Beach club (yep, no kids allowed). Sipping a cocktail is best enjoyed under the sparkling signature cube, watching the mixologists at work in their square cliff-hanging bar. Local ingredients take on a special shine when mixed with premium spirits, house-made infusions and plenty of showmanship, each one finished with edible garnishes and served up in creative glassware.


Rock Pearl – Belvedere Vodka, Raspberry, Martini Bianco, Lemon, Elderflower, Tonic
Smoky Passion – Captain Morgan Rum, smoked arak, lemon, passionfruit, whisky essence.



This has to be one of the world’s most spectacular locations in which to sip cocktails with a view. Think 150 metres above the ocean on a limestone cliff face with a glass bottom pool that juts out more than five metres into thin air. This is more than an infinity pool. Catch a view of passing turtles and dugongs from the clear floors that take in the panorama from the bar. Oneeighty° has to be experienced to be believed. Cocktails here are a celebration of the stylish classic libations enjoyed by the global jet set that frequent this chic destination. From the perfectly proportioned gin and tonic on the all-day menu to the sunset cocktails for after five that includes delicious elderflower martinis, cliff top mules with a minty spin on the traditional and a light hearted ‘infinity’ that blends prosecco with strawberry liquor and fresh berries. The espresso martini is created from cold brew coffee and mixed with vodka, Kahlua and crème de cacao. Exotic fruit are generously used to brighten up quality sprits to add destination to your drinks. The passionfruit frozen margarita is a thirst quencher while the yuzu crush is as unique as it is tasty. Arrive at 11am when the cliff club opens to the public and pull up a sunbed, then luxuriate in classic beachside dining with a cocktail menu that trapezes through ‘tiki’, ‘classics with a twist’, ‘frozen’, ‘jugs’ and the signature collection that has been carefully curated to reflect long Bali days in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.


Mr Hendricks – a cucumber infused gin blended with traditional tonic water and lemon with a flourish of rosemary.

Elderflower martini ¬– gin, sake, wasabi, cucumber, elderflower, lime.



Like an icy pole on a steamy day, Tropicola is a riot of colour and full of fun. The sea-side pool club on Batubelig beach hosts a pool party every single day. Tropicola’s ethos is work hard, play hard and have as much fun as is humanly possible. To do that you’ll need fuel and the menu has been curated to feed both body and soul. While the food menu travels from vibrant poke bowls for enjoying around the pool to gourmet seafood, grill-licked classics and gourmet hot dogs, the cocktail menu is based on freshly juiced veggies and fruit, so they’re almost guilt free. Built along the lines of some of the great retro pool experiences, Tropicola is designed to ‘pop’ on every level. Here you can choose your base and then add the alcohol of your choice, or not, as the feeling and the occasion strikes you. With veteran bar, restaurant and party man, Adrian Reed (Ado), calling the shots (literally), the venue overflows with infectious energy. It’s the people, the music, the venue and yep, the drinks. You can start early and slide into the day as the music builds and the icy, fruity cocktails build to a sunset crescendo. Dive in, don’t wait.


Margarita Verde Freezie – tequila, celery
juice, cucumber, elderflower.

No. 7 – berry vodka, strawberry, ginger, pilsner.



Known for its playful personality, vibrant and upbeat soundtracks and incredible seaside location, Woobar is a day to night venue that stands up for sunset. The mixology team here always have something new on the menu and the current list is as wow as we have come to expect. As always, W has added a new twist to their cocktail menu which puts you behind the bar. Mix It Up is your chance to get creative with a private mixology session, which includes mastering some of their best sellers. The sessions includes 3 cocktails (which you help create) and signature nibbles. Priced at 450K per person, what better souvenir to bring home than three crafted cocktails from your holiday.? Of course, Woobar offers full service for those who would rather recline on a day bed and soak up the sun. With witty selections like their Balinese Ritual, Paint Your Life or the Green Light inspired by a popular Indonesian dessert, a full menu of classics and signature cocktails put the woo in W.


Balinese Ritual – Gin, homemade tangerine & elderflower liqueur, dry vermouth, holy essence

Paint Your Life – vodka, lemongrass, green
Balinese herbs, lemon, vegan foam.

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