Meet Luna2 Head Chef Alanna

Luna2 is proud to feature the culinary skills of one of the select few female chefs in Bali. Alanna Agnew has been a crucial part of the Luna2 team since 2012, and her culinary flair has become a key element in the creativity and imagination behind many of the company’s Luna2’s signature Lunafood dishes. Now as Head Chef, Alanna is driving all culinary operations for the hotel’s intimate food & beverage outlets, including the re-launch of Luna2’s award-winning Orbit restaurant.

Alanna’s dual passions for food and travel have taken her into some of the most highly regarded kitchens in her native Australia and internationally, via stints in Laos, Singapore, Spain and Mexico. Alanna credits working alongside successful chef-restaurateurs, such as the internationally-acclaimed Christine Manfield, for honing her cooking skills and building a sharp palate to ensure creativity is supported by a strong base of traditional techniques and knowledge.

These attributes are a vital component for the Lunafood concept, infusing the company ethos of “We respect the past, welcome the future, and have fun in the process.”  Lunafood is inspired by nostalgia, futurism & fun – drawing on classic European dishes, whilst injecting innovation and humour into the mix. For Chef Alanna and her team, she says “…we continuously strive to give our guests a dining experience that is not only flavour-driven, but visually surprising with a nostalgic element.”