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Adren Mohamed Nor from Eden Life Centres in Seminyak is one of Bali’s go-to beauty consultants. He spoke with The Yak about all things aesthetic . . . and the logic behind non-surgical facial contouring.

Adren, give us a brief background of you and the beauty industry.

My life has always been about beauty – not just aesthetics. I remember watching my aged grandmother always making sure she looked beautiful no matter what. This had a profound effect on me … I realized how important a woman’s presentation is to the world – no matter what age.

My tertiary education was in America – I was chosen at the age of 16 by the Malaysian government to be educated abroad. After school I studied Architecture in Nebraska then moved to Holland and worked in printing and design. Dabbling in floristry, culinary cooking then it was homeopathy with a German doctor who taught me about microscopic cell death caused by free radicals.  This led to my gaining knowledge of Vitamin infusions and later aesthetics – I learnt from the inside out about the industry.

How has the industry changed in the years you have been in Bali?

When I first arrived in Bali from Jakarta eight years ago, after spending 15 years in the beauty industry, most of my clients were Baby Boomers. And as we know an aged skin needs different treatments to that of millennials; it takes longer to achieve results and requires a a different psychology and budget. I learnt how to ‘curate’ a face, both Asian and Western, with very different skin types.

Luckily now, cosmetic treatments are no longer taboo and many of our clients are self-educated and know what they are looking for.

Millennials are looking for an Instagram face; they see an image and they want to look like that. They want preventative treatments like Botox; no lines, fuller lips, and higher cheekbones. For their bodies they want fat burning PPC injections for any bulges and for their skin they are happy to invest in facials and medical- grade treatments like MDerma needling that improves skin texture.

Baby Boomers on the other hand have a harder task ahead of them to reverse the ageing process. Here is where I excel as I can actually create a more highly-defined face with complex fillers, also fat burn ‘gravity’ in the jawline and double chins and add Superlift and Lifecell injections to lift and increase collagen in the skin. This is a process and takes time to achieve.

However all genres of our clients need bespoke treatments so it is not as simple as a jab of Botox. The face is a multi-layered, complex work of art and having the wrong “work” done can be disastrous. So even though there is a ton of information on the internet this doesn’t mean that the consumer is getting the right treatment.

It is important that we in the aesthetic industry say no to the consumer who has unrealistic expectations and explain the why to them, professionally with patience and honesty and offer them solutions as how to still appear natural and beautiful, without looking fake.

How do you see it changing in the future?.

Soon science will be able to reverse ageing; Cryonic your body, use genetic modifications, regenerative genomics; the future human will be YOU. But longevity and anti-aging are holistic – it’s as important as what’s happening inside your body and how your mind functions, your happiness radar, and cognitive skills, as what’s happening on your face. If you have a diet of Coke and McDonald’s you’re not going to be healthy on the inside – or not for long.

We use regenerative treatments along with aesthetics, helping the body’s ability to heal with treatments using adipose-derived stem cells, micro-needling, peptides and other bios- cellular-based resources extracted from blood and tissues.

With regenerative aesthetics, the biggest challenge we find at Eden is how to treat the patients’ overall wellness, holistically, including lifestyle changes. Having weekly IV vitamins infusion to detox the body, stem cell injection for sagging skin, massages to relieve stress, facials to nourish the skin, psychotherapy for their mind and nutritionists for health, therefore addressing the whole person; body, mind, and soul. But regardless of future humans what we all still want is to be seen and heard and feel like we belong, that’s what sets Eden apart, its like coming home, always a friendly face, a comfy couch with often a little dog to cuddle, it is a place where clients feel totally comfortable sinking into the hands of our loving team.

Eden Life Centres, can you give us a brief background?

Sitting around a marble dining table on a balmy Bali night with Deborah and Duncan, the co-founders, Eden was born. A bottle of wine and a dream later the most beautiful concept and building were created.

We wanted to design a space where our guests felt at home, with cane chairs and gardens and the Bali magic oozing from every corner with a highly professional team in the background making sure every treatment was of the highest standards with the best products.

We continue to grow, learn and challenge all aspects of beauty and wellness, diving into what our guests really need and want. We have now grown into all the aspects of beauty, creating a one-stop Face Place, for everything to do with what the busy woman or man wants, combining treatments for efficiency and time-saving.

Name some do’s and don’ts if you are about to have injectables.

  • Make sure you have plenty of time for the numbing cream to work if you’re a wuss!
  • Don’t plan massages or facials for 2 days after if you’re having botox or fillers
  • Best not to fly the next day
  • Make sure you advise our doctors of any medications, pregnancy, etc
  • Don’t go to multiple clinics for treatments as every clinic has their way  – we like to make sure we nurture you in every way
  • Remember there are different qualities of all products – if it’s cheap they will be using a lesser grade product – your choice, but it’s going into your body!
  • Check for cleanliness and hygiene of the clinic
  • Check the qualifications of the doctors
  • Check Instagram and FB feedback and referrals
  • Keep a record of all your treatments, how many units and where were they placed
  • Less is more and better to build up slowly and safely and see how your body reacts and maintains the products
  • Try not to self-diagnose. Let the expert give you the recommendation

What are your favorite facial contouring options and why?

PPC combined with fillers. Once we’ve reduced the excess fat we have to lift the sagging skin by re-volumizing the face.  This procedure is the only way to restructure the face without ‘going under the knife.’

Facials and LED treatments – what benefits can we expect from this non-invasive beauty session?

Our products are designed for specific skin types, and apart from being totally blissful we deeply clean, moisturize and massage, then seal the deal with specific serums and peptides to deepen the benefits. Finishing off the facials with a high grade LED Light that emits diode using different wavelengths and spectrums of light that improves blood circulation, increase collagen and healing.

Mderma, micro-needling is a fantastic way to enhance the naturally increase your own collagen production through micro-needles that pierce the skin and cause accelerated healing and increase collagen production, continuing to make your skin look both younger, fuller and glowing (it’s also great for scars and fine lines). This along with a simultaneous IV Vitamin infusion enhances the treatment and healing.

Your top three (or five) recommendations to men and women under 40:

  1. Botox for erasing fine lines.

2. PPC – fat dissolver for body sculpting.

  1. IV Infusion with minerals and vitamins to help support the body’s immune system.
  2. Micro-needling to improve collagen production.
  3. Good moisturizer and sunscreen.

Top three (or five) recommendations to women and men over 40.

  1. Facial contouring with dermal filler and PPC fat removal around the lower jawlines.
  2. Botox to reduce the heavy lines.
  3. CO2 ablative laser to erase uneven skin tone and pigmentation.
  4. Live cell injectable to the facial areas for skin rejuvenation.

What most excites you about Eden Life Centres?

The ability to help make a woman or man, feel confident and believe in themselves – self-love is our motto. Who else is going to love you more than yourself!

Thanks for your time Adren!

Overview of treatments at Eden Life Centres: Medical Spa: Fillers, fat burning, medical facials, permanent hair removal, packages, and skin consultations. Beauty Bar: Facials, nails, massage, reflexology, lash extensions, hair spa, waxing.

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