Mauricio Alpizar: Aug 9 @ Da Maria

With the upcoming Da Maria Finestra featuring Mauricio Alpizar we thought we’d catch up with the dancing diva, and find out more about his latest collection … and the inspiration behind it.

Mauricio, tell us more about the Da Maria Finestra collaboration. Don’t you think it is strange that Da Maria opens its doors to fashion if it’s a restaurant?

Well part of the Da Maria concept from the very beginning was connected to fashion with its chic Italian cool vibe and styling. As we all know fashion and food goes hand in hand, especially in resort destinations. We all look forward to those special occasions where we can dress nicely and escape the daily grind. This new collection works amazingly well with the chic sophistication of Da Maria and drawing on the modern tourist.  The tourist who loves to dress up, have fun and live the resort lifestyle with a touch of class. There’s definitely a cross over in demographics for us both.

Tell us briefly about what you have been up to already this year…

This year has been so special for us. I’ve been busy working with our busy Bali based team starting the new season’s collection. Meanwhile our last season’s Modern Asia collection has seen us start out with trips within Asia to Singapore for shows during the F1 series and within Indonesia. Moving on to European sales and trips to the UK, Madrid and Ibiza. I love to travel with my partner, seeing what trends are emerging around the globe. The smallest observation or experience can go on to inspire the most amazing creations and I love the journey of creativity.

Let’s turn to your latest collection. What inspired you, this collection seems to be quite removed from your past collections and style?

The latest collection is a bit of a step change, whilst keeping some of the basic principles with design, the cuts take reference to fashion from the 60’s and 80’s. I’ve allowed myself some free reign to experiment. I was inspired by the immortals of rock and pop passed, David Bowie, Prince, Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury, Whitney and MJ. Whilst keeping some classic cuts I’ve taken the prints to a more fun level this time.

How did you translate that inspiration?

Working with deconstructed images and sketches of the legends and some of the most striking lyrics or quotes applied to the apparel range. I love to work with print and modern digital techniques allow freedom of expression like never before possible. As always Mauricio Alpizar creations endeavor to use natural breathable fabrics wherever possible, providing a level of quality and durability that fast fashion chains just can’t reach.

What pieces will this collection feature? Just T’s?

The collection is resort-wear based dresses, pant-suits swimwear and luxurious kaftan capes that you can wear from the day and into the night. And to accompany the gent’s collection has a smart casual look with bold prints that will bring a bit of flare to the modern man with a vintage twist. To finish the look, I’m proud to be working with NY based Be-Cubed jewelry which finishes off the cool stylish vibe. Whilst for the first time we’ll be selling apparel wear Tee’s and Baseball caps that will be great for everyday use and also shoes as another Mauricio Alpizar 1st.

Your launch party will be on August the 9th? Is everyone welcome?

Most definitely, as an ex dancer and choreographer I’m always insistent on providing a show. If I can’t promise you anything else, I know you’ll be entertained. Reservations for dinner can be made on or direct with Da Maria dinner time from 8:00pm show time 10:00pm. Or come along for a Negroni or Limon-cello, check out the collection in my pop up shop @Da Maria or a boogie afterwards with curated music from the greats.

After the Da Maria Finestra Revival fashion show what happens to your collection?

The collection will be available at Da Maria in the shop for the next three months. The sales season starts again from there with trips to Barcelona, Madrid and London on the cards. Sales on the night will have a percentage of my margin going to support The Harapan Project, an NGO providing assistance throughout Indonesia with Education, Health and infrastructure.  There will be more information available on the night on how to get involved with this amazing life-changing initiative.

And lastly, who is the DJ and what can we expect him to be playing at your event?

I’ve been working with Da Maria resident DJ’s Luciano Nieto and Bastian for the last couple of years. They have an amazing ability to put together the perfect soundscape for whatever bizarre request I put their way for my next show. I have no doubt the night is going to take us on a familiar but edgy journey along the music of the greats, as they’re truly world class talents.

Check out more details on the event here!