Let Your Hair Down At Sky Garden

Luiz Sanchez lets his hair down at Sky Garden.

Going as far back as the late ’80s Bali has been a popular tourist destination for partygoers, and since 2005 Sky Garden in Kuta has been a focal point of that experience. From its humble beginnings to being selected as one of the greatest nightclubs in the world, Sky Garden’s focus has always been on creating the best customer experience possible.

“We want Sky Garden to be one of the highlights of your Bali vacation,” says Cay Cabotage, Sky Garden’s General Manager. “From the food we serve at the buffet, to the extensive cocktails prepared by some of the island’s top bartenders, we make sure all these contribute to an overall good time.”

The club has surely come a long way from its early days. Back in 2005 it was a one-storey complex competing with dozens of other nightclubs in the area; just another stop in the Kuta club-hopping scene. “We owe much of this growth to our patrons and guests,” Cay continues. “People on vacation are our main target audience and these guests come from all over the world. The fact that Sky Garden has become almost synonymous with the party scene of Bali speaks volumes about the time our guests spend with us. It’s a venue where different cultures coexist. We understand our guest’s need to cut loose and unwind, and we make it really easy for them.”

This attention to detail, service and teamwork is what has propelled Sky Garden into the list of top 100 nightclubs worldwide, ranking 59th this year and steadily climbing higher. “Our overall success isn’t derived from just one source, it’s everyone who keeps this establishment running like a well-oiled machine,” Cay explains. “We have custodians who maintain the building’s cleanliness, we’ve got amazing staff, we’ve got a killer marketing team. The hard work of everyone who contributes to this establishment becomes evident in the experience we provide and our amazing guests see this.”

Visiting Sky Garden is quite the experience. The venue offers a wide variety of experiences ranging from their famous buffet prepared by chefs from around the world, to a number of dancefloors that collectively host up to 25 DJs every night. This variety means there is something for everyone, every night, and the fact that it gets packed without fail is testament to their success in diversity.

The mind-boggling number of DJs performing at Sky Garden certainly keeps things fresh. Over the years the venue has housed some of the most famous names internationally, including Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Dash Berlin and Don Diablo. “We have chosen a number of amazingly-skilled DJs from all walks of life; both Indonesian and international,” Cay explains. “From Australia, England, the Netherlands, Turkey, across Asia and more. We pride ourselves not only on having some of the best Indonesian DJs perform here, but also leading talent from Asia and the rest of the world.”

Over the past few years the face of tourism in Bali has begun to shift away from the binge-drinking party scene that Kuta has long been associated with, towards the more artisanal, gluten-free, fairtrade, decaf Martini beach club experiences found in Canggu, and yet Sky Garden continues to expand and see more and more tourists come through its doors every year. “Nightlife and partying in general is a social ritual,” Cay continues. “As we’ve seen in our establishment, people from all over the world come together, listen to music, dance, and meet new people here. It’s a place to interact and this in itself makes it an attraction. Sky Garden has been running for 14 years now with no signs of slowing down, we like to think that we’ve become an institution and a staple in anyone’s Bali experience.”

A staple it certainly is. The entrance fee gives you access to five different stages, dozens of DJs each with their own sound and rhythm, an all-you-can-eat buffet and free-flow drinks. Sky Garden also has VIP booths for the more upscale experience, and VVIP sections where you can have the very best view of your favorite performer. “Sky Garden holds large events every week but it doesn’t stop at events for us,” Cay says. “We believe that giving our guests an experience that they will not forget is just as important.”

Cay says that they are always looking for exciting new opportunities to expand their brand across the island, but are currently focused on continuously improving the Sky Garden experience in Kuta. “You never know what the future holds and we’re definitely gearing up for exciting things ahead,” she said.


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