East Indies Gin
East Indies Archipelago Dry Gin is made authentically by redistilling 96% pure grain alcohol with juniper and the finest botanicals from around the Indonesian archipelago.
Crafted using the finest handmade Carl stills from Germany, our gin is born on the magical – Island of the Gods, Bali. Our master distiller carefully balances the myriad flavours of our Indonesian botanicals with the highest quality macedonian Juniper. The objective is to get a balance between the perfect concentration of flavours, and a smooth clean spirit.

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Discover The Timeless Taste of Indonesia
Cold brewed slowly, arabica beans, hand selected from Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Java and Kintamani’s finest coffee plantations, are expertly blended to create a deep, rich liqueur with more than 10 times the coffee of other well known brands.
Discover this deep black elixir from the land of timeless wonder, fertility and spice. And taste a coffee liqueur like no other.

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