Having just completed a whirlwind introduction tour to some of the island’s best venues, Plaga has jumped into the local wine scene with a fresh and fun personality. Offering a range of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a fruity Rose this latest label from Indowines will no doubt shake up the market with a tasty yet affordable selection of house wines.
The reds will soon be introduced in Bali and Jakarta, and folks are already howling praises for this range of affordable vino. Bali’s wine scene just got better – and more friendly.


COINTREAUSome cocktails love to play a bewitching role, standing high upon a pedestal with a sparkle in their eyes, that seems to say “savour me slowly, I’m rare and precious.” These are gorgeously glamorous cocktails with a hint of self-importance and supreme confidence in matters of taste. And then there are spontaneous, impassioned cocktails, the ones that ruffle your hair and turn your cheeks pink, the ones that make your heart flip in a burst of bubbles.

Yes, this little cocktail knows its assets; it knows that its recipe is simple and that even the clumsiest cocktail maker can whip it up in a flash, with the wave of a magic twist. Cointreau Fizz: easy, but not trivial. Elegant, but not la-di-da. Ever-changing but always unique.

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