Down Mexico Way

Taco Beach Bali is hot stuff. S.D heads south.

Whilst a certain Donald tries to build a wall, here in Bali we have a Bob insisting on building bridges … both, funnily enough, have a Mexican connection. But that is were the similarity comes to an abrupt halt!

Bob Nicksic, founder of one of our favourite restorantes Mejicanos en Bali has been building those bridges for six years. Taco Beach Grill is his venue and he has been crossing borders, rivers and seas, boldly going where no taco has gone before. Ever.

Opening 9am to midnight (with the kitchen closing its blinds around 11 pm) you can scramble out of bed in the morning and chow down on a breakfast of Chilaquiles with Egg, Steak and Huevos, Breakfast tacos or a Good Morning Breakfast Burrito plate.

Midday sees the start of TBG’s first Happy Hour, 2-6pm with Margaritas at IDR40.000 and small Bintangs at IDR20.000; how inclusional and diplomatic is that?

Pumpkin-yellow walls with ladrillo-visto sport coloured-tile tables and a skull or two; it’s Mexican taqueria to a T.

Spicy is as spicy does, and here Bob wants to transport you over that wall on pure firepower. Freshly made seasonal salsas, green sauce (not that hot) Habanero sauce (hot) and Extreme hot sauce (very hot and displayed in a dropper bottle labeled “Not right in the Head’) all open your palate to the tangy and unique flavours of Bob’s menu.

Bob curates TBG’s menu with the love of a mother hen, and being the all-inclusive and welcoming guy that he is, TBG has a comprehensive vegan, gluten-free and healthy side to its menu. Apart from the Mexican classics that some know and love, the menu also offers Asian accents to this Central American cuisine. Nachos Supreme vs Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Crema; Carne Asada Beef Tenderloin; Quesadilla vs Tofu Chorizo Bean and Rice Plate (one of the vegan friendly dishes).

The pieza de resistencia is the Taco Bar with a very democratic “build’em yourself” attitude. Four people, eight tacos with a choice of Chicken, Carne Asada or Babi Guling (Bali’s Suckling Pig) and a myriad of sour cremas, Pico de Gallo, fresh coriander, Mexican rice, sliced cabbage, guacamole, salsas red and green and unlimited seasonal salsas … he couldn’t be more generous and inviting.

Then there are the Gluten-free tacos – the crispy and the soft variety – burritos and chimichangas, all with lush meat or vegetable fillings hailing from Texas, San Diego, Bali and of course Mexico … over the border flavours!

On the drinks menu with the second set of Happy Hours going from 9-11, expect Sangrias, Baja Brain Freezes and tequila. With an off-the-menu line of ice creams that are hand-crafted by Bob himself … we won’t tell you the flavours, it’s up to you to come, cross the bridge into Taco Beach Grill – funnily enough not located near the beach, although if you ask nicely he’ll even come and cook for you and your tribe in your casa as he’s all geared up for in-villa catering.

Hey, hermano any ideas where I left my sombrero?

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