Desa Visesa Is More Than Just A Resort

Desa Visesa offers a brand new level of luxury villas with soul, only a mile away from central Ubud. Situated among 6.5 Hectares lush vegetation, cascading streams, and verdant rice fields, Visesa villa is a haven of peace and tranquility nearby a world famous global village that has become a hub for sustainable tourism and holistic lifestyle.

Visesa blends an original architectural concept of suites and villas that provide generous space and superior comfort with the respect of ancestral traditions and ceremonial way of life.  As an advanced expression of contemporary design values, elements of traditional architecture and noble building materials have been carefully integrated to the modern concept. All our luxury – 66 Pool Villas & 40 Suite units, adorned with stylish furnishings and the newest range of room appliances, express comfort and functionality while retain a feeling of warmth and Balinese authenticity.

Promoting permaculture, the eco-friendly practices as a signature Desa Visesa Ubud has dedicated more than two hectares of land to organic culture grown exclusively with natural compost. Besides universal permaculture methods, the Balinese traditional calendar that designates auspicious days for planting, ploughing, seeding and harvesting is strictly respected. From an introductory tour up to a six-day comprehensive program, Visesa is proud to invite its guests to develop awareness and knowledge of sustainable farming principles. Farming values are supported with extensive permaculture gardening and rice fields traditional cultivation. Various fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are home grown to support the resort with fresh local produce. For Desa Visesa Ubud, being eco-friendly is not an empty promise aiming at luring devoted guests, it’s a daily lifestyle at the core of a unique hospitality concept.

Work out in our open space gym, enjoy village trekking and cycling, refreshing morning yoga and dusk meditation, arts & crafts classes, traditional kids games at our unique Kids Club” Rare Angon” that overlooking to the rice paddies.

Four restaurants give limitless dining options and a massive central swimming pool is available for letting the day goes by. Lesung Restaurant located in our spacious lobby, the Lesung restaurant is the perfect place to discover some celebrated recipes of the flavored and colorful Indonesian cuisine. Our talented chefs have created a menu that delivers surprising tastes and textures with subtle elegance.

Warung Tani at Desa Visesa Ubud is all about authenticity of good recipes and quality home cooking that everyone can enjoy. Discover authentic Balinese Traditional Culinary that is built around Bumbu or traditional blend of spices referred to as Base Gede in Balinese – It is the heart, soul, and foundation of the Balinese kitchen. Facilities: animal paddock, animal hut, compost hut, nursery house, pony riding, children play ground, helipad, permaculture, ploughing.

Lumbung Restaurant is visually warm yet sophisticated with stunning combination that emphasis Indonesian characters from Balinese style carved woods, braided rattan, Balinese in the old time photographs. Located under the bridge of Visesa Ubud, Lumbung is five-star international restaurant with Authentic Indonesian cuisine serve in casual style, easy but sharp with warm Balinese hospitality.

Padi Fine Dining Restaurant is the newest venture opened by Mandif Warokka, one of Indonesia’s most talented Chef and Restaurateur. Visesa is honored to welcome this shooting star of the Asian culinary world who creates contemporary cuisine blending the finest local produces into exciting new flavors, colors and textures.

Discover unique treatments through Balinese Healing that set in the midst of natural surroundings by

Visesa Balinese Healing & Spa. It is not an ordinary venue for body treatments, it’s a delightful place to get pampered while being initiated to holistic healing experiences. The spa philosophy is based on authentic Bali Usada principles, a traditional knowledge for curing ailments with the use of Ayurvedic medicinal plants, herbs and spices.  Spoil in style at your choice of signature treatments in blissful surroundings; Balinese Healing is a private consultations with renowned Balinese Healer that draws power from nature or spirits and creates medicine from holy water, flowers and plants, Cave Treatment  is the mystical places to indulge are waiting to discover. Five natural caves with views on the surrounding jungle have been set as symbolizing the five elements; Fire (Teja), Earth (Pertiwi), Water (Apah), Air (Bayu) and Space (Akasha) feature sophisticated rituals aiming at balancing energy levels for stress reduction and deep relaxation.

Be a witness of amazing performances that you never seen before, Balinese Living Arts; Siwa Nataraja – Bali Unmasked is a stage performance at Puri Kantor – Ubud’s Royal Palace depicting a traditional Balinese banjar where, one-by-one, talented artisans are seen busily creating traditional flutes, masks, exquisite ritual offerings, paintings, and traditional puppets – all presented against an ever-changing scene of exquisite Balinese dance and life-like characters fashioned and Dewi Sri – The Quest for Balance that performed in two different places.It revolves around the fabled Goddess of Fertility in the central role.  Dewi Sri’s pervasive dominion over Balinese culture is considered essential to the prevention of famine, poverty, and disease. Dewi Sri’s reign over the rice terraces of Bali ensures security, balance, and prosperity to the agriculturally based Balinese society. The cultivation of rice and the Balinese creed of Tri Hita Karana – the strict maintenance of balance in all things – are pastorally presented on a stage that is surrounded by working rice fields. Using dances and tales presented by the Island’s most accomplished performers, viewers will acquire an appreciation of the all-pervasive role played by a philosophy that mandates cosmic balance be rigorously maintained between man and nature, between man and God, and between members of the human community. Balinese Living Arts show performance inspired by beliefs, rituals and spirits behind day to day life in the village. With honoring the past tradition and good healing spirit, Desa Visesa brings Bali’s outstanding uniqueness and magnificence values that would bring more national and international audiences to the island to experience. Directed by Made Sidia, Balinese renowned puppeteers in collaboration with Peter Wilson, Australian Leading Show Director.

Desa Visesa is a scenic location where wedding day dreams come true. With a choice of seven inspiring venues, the resort is committed to making magical memories for you to treasure always. Celebrate your love in the rustic garden surroundings of Taman Sari that facing an overlay of rice paddies. Pura Desa is a sacred temple overlooking a small river and is a perfect spot for a private ceremony or ritual blessing. For more traditional feeling, the historic buildings of the nearby Ubud Royal Palace will transform your wedding into Balinese elegance. Another natural-theme venue, Kahiyang Wedding Chapel is located in the tropical garden with permaculture vibes is totally suit your shady mood.

As a high-minded property of an enlightened member of the royal Ubud family, Visesa offers, in the heart of Bali, a brand new level of luxury with soul.

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