Contemporary Japanese Bento At Ji

Designed to take guests on a visual and journey for the senses through time, bringing classical Japanese ancient practices and fusing them with contemporary eclecticness – Ji Terrace By THE SEA has launched a contemporary Japanese bento lunch  with ancient roots but with contemporary flavors, where exquisite, luxurious and affordable go together.

These are the first bentos of contemporary Japanese cuisine on the island, created mindful of another of Ji’s motto: living Bali and Canggu’s beach life to the fullest and include the TAIKOMOCHI BENTO, consisting of chahan (Japanese fried rice) served with melt-in-the-mouth 12-hours roasted pork belly, miso & roasted cashew; spicy edamame, mango salad in ponzu dressing, Japanese eggplant tempura.

MINEKO BENTO is made of garlic rice; lightly grilled aged Australian tenderloin beef, crispy arancini balls (crispy risotto bacon & truffle rice balls with Japanese curry); edamame, shiitake and shimeji, carrots and purple cabbage, tropical fruit salad maki with candied lemon skin.

SADA YAIKO BENTO is a vegetarian combination of chilled soba noodles in ginger, rucola and citrus broth; garlic & nori tofu croquettes, mixed salad maki, zucchini with feta, almond, tempe & lemon in sake dressing. To finish off the bento experience is completed with silky chocolate hazelnut cake served with edamame cream, fresh blackberry, and hazelnut crust.

Ji Bento is available from 12-4pm at Ji Terrace By THE SEA for an exclusive promotion of IDR 110.000/bento including 5 items.

To book a table or to find out more information about Ji Terrace By THE SEA please visit www.jiatbalesutra.com or follow Facebok Ji Restaurant Bali or Instagram @Jirestaurantbali or call +62 361 4731701 or visit the venue on Pantai Batu Bolong street, Canggu – Bali.