Looking For Gifts? Out Of The Box #65

Bali clobber for those modern moments.

BITCOIN$$ IDR1,263,800; YOU ARE A VIP IDR1,313,500 ZIGGYSTAR DUST IDR1,313,500www.alliadesigns.com


PEGGY GOU LEGONG SHIRT IDR1,960,279; PEGGY GOU LEGONG HAT IDR630,089 shop.potatohead.co


Rolex Skulls idr18,000,000; Pencil Skulls idr8,000,000; Winged Skull idr520,000 www.skullbali.com


Dot 81MM Cuff in Silver and 18K Gold IDR68,160,000; Dot 44MM Cuff in Silver and 18K Gold IDR41,109,000 www.JohnHardy.com


β€˜ b e r s e g I β€˜ pop. 18k white gold plated metal waste with handcrafted plastic bottle cap waste IDR450,000 www.facebook.com/kunangjewelry/


Silk Sarong Set In Bonsai Pink IDR3,521,600; Pashmina & Silk Throw In Banji Blue IDR4,941,600 www.kokoonsilks.com


Leather Backgammon Board β€œDeluxeβ€œ idr4,724,499 www.patriciabos.com


Abstract Maxi Pearl Bangle. Night and the Sea Collection by Michela Boriotti Liddon www.liddonpearls.com


Green MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr5,253,858; Blue MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr6,531,858; Purple MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr9,087,858; Red/Gold MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr16,755,858; The Galaxy MRDXN Ye Ming Zhu Pendant idr29,535,858 www.ariedixon.com

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