Chop Steakhouse!

The battle of the steaks has just been brought to new heights with the addition of a brand new, Manhattan-vibes steakhouse (Gudang-style) on Jl Raya Kuta #47. Within the seen-brick walls of CSH (Chop Steak House) Wagyu Meltique goes up against US Butcher steak and Black Angus. What is Wagyu Meltique? It’s a technique developed by Hokubee Co. Ltd (Japan) in 1982, inspired by the French method of “Piquer”. A ‘lardoire “ needle is used to infuse fats and herbs into the lean meat to enhance the flavour to phenomenal heights and tenderness – this is the method of “piquer”. Whilst the menu is paired back to offer a range of seven types of ‘eyes and ‘loins, BBQ beef ribs, bratwurst, steak and egg, chicken steak and salmon are also on the menu. Potatoes come in a trio of choices, truffled mash, wedges or French fries. Sides are green bean and corn, creamy English spinach, truffle mac and cheese or sautéed mushrooms. Now a good steak is great but having a sauce on the side ain’t bad either – these are tarragon béarnaise, vanilla smoked barbecue, spicy cheese, rosemary and peppercorn, or thyme-mushroom and cream… Open from 11am to 10pm.