Avant Tous Noir

Photography and Video Creative Concept by @photografio
Filmed and Directed by @sergi.col
Fashion Styling: @maycortazzi
Make up & hair: @nicci_mua
Models: @castawaymodelmanagement @chantal.ka @tarahrodgers

The sun was shining while the cliff wasย cliffing when the divine and ferocious feminine turned up to @the_Istana – one sunny day not so long agoโ€ฆ

We had hoped for these images to be in The Yak in PRINT but this is not to be, at least for nowโ€ฆ So digital we shall go and thank all those who came together to inspire, engage and get us into a fashion mood. Fio – we love you ๐Ÿ™‚

Avant Tous Noir – ideated by @PhotograFIO and styled by the uber-talented @Maycortazziย 

Massive nods to the kind peeps at @the_istana – our favorite Biohacking and Meditation Space up on the Bukit – South Bali, and a reverent bow to the divine feminine which took an amazing part in this project.

Do not forget to enjoy this glorious fashion shoot on @theyakmagazine IG GRIDย 

Fio Photo

Featured brands: Lingerie @victoriasecret ; Blouse @_harta_ ; Boots @markbaigent ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international


Featured brands: Lingerie @victoriasecret ; Bustier @k.j.dan ; Gloves @gelarehdesigns ; Leggings @gelarehdesigns ; Boots @markbaigent ; Jewellery @tzdjewels


Featured brands: Bodysuit, belt, boots: @gelarehdesigns; Earrings: @gold_ordon ; Rings & earcuffs: @tzdjewels ; Sunglasses: @louisvuitton


Featured brands: Dress @magalipascal ; Bustier @k.j.dan ; Boots @erikapenaofficial ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international


Featured brands:
Chantal: Dress @magalipascal ; Bustier @k.j.dan ; Shoes @erikapenaofficial ; Jewellery & belt @gold_ordon
Tarah: Blouse @magalipascal ; Trousers @magalipascal ; Belt & earrings @markbaigent ; Jewellery @tzdjewels


Featured brands:
Tarah: Blouse @erikapenaofficial ; Trousers @maycortazzi ; Belt @gold_ordon ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international
Chantal: Shirt @okarstylesuits ; Shorts @k.and.i ; Shoes @markbaigent ; Earrings @gold_ordon ; Rings & necklaces @ktjewel_international ; Bangle @tzdjewels


Featured brands: Shirt @magalipascal ; Shorts @k.and.i ; Jacket @thebalitailor ; Fur coat: @maycortazzi ; Boots @markbaigent ; Jewellery @ktjewel_international


Featured brands: Jacket @magalipascal ; Swimsuit: @k.and.iย  ; Earrings, braceletts & rings @ktjewel_international ; Necklaces @gold_ordon


Featured brands:
Tarah: Dress @k.and.i ; Boots @thebalitailor ; Earrings @markbaigent ; Bracelets @ktjewel_international
Chantal: Dress @k.and.i ; Boots @markbaigent ; Earrings @gold_ordon ; Rings @tzdjewels

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