Authentic Salon Opens At Indigo

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach opens signature dining restaurant Salon Bali, where authentic and seasonal Balinese dishes champion the island’s small growers and the bespoke producers.

The award-winning Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, located in the heart of Bali’s vibrant Seminyak neighbourhood, has just opened its newest restaurant, Salon Bali.

This intimate, signature dining venue is decorated in a contemporary Balinese style with metallic accents, cream-coloured walls and natural timbers and features an open kitchen which allows guests to view locally inspired dishes prepared by executive chef Nic Philip. Traditional cooking techniques include the use of iron woks and cooking over coffee wood and charcoal in the Josper oven.

Salon Bali’s refined and seasonal menu features appetising snacks, more substantial main plate offerings and a handful of delicious desserts. It also offers two set menus, either the Catur Rasan comprising four courses, or the Nenem Rasan comprising six courses. Menus may be complemented with cocktails  – aperitifs, palate cleansers and digestifs using indigenous products as much as possible.

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach general manager, Guillaume Epinette says: “We are thrilled to open Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach’s signature dining restaurant Salon Bali. Nic’s authentic and seasonal Balinese dishes champion the island’s small growers and the bespoke producers, served in a sophisticated space. There is no other modern Balinese restaurant like this in Seminyak, and we are proud to be at the forefront of contemporary Indonesian dining in this neighbourhood.”

Executive chef Nic Philip added: “We support the local community and sustainable farming practices here in Bali, we work with a couple of farms on the island and we don’t import any fresh produce from outside Indonesia. Our seafood is locally sourced from waters of Bali to Flores, and the fish changes depending on what’s fresh at the market and what we would like to use. At the moment we’ve been getting some great coral grouper and giant trevally. We source vegetables, leaves and heirlooms from an organic farm in the Pelaga region of Bali, and we are working with a poultry farm in Jogjakarta, Java, that offers organic raised and free range quail and duck.”

Australian born chef Philip has a wealth of experience gained at luxury resorts in the Asia-Pacific region and has spent time in leading European restaurants such as Michelin-starred Cove Club in London and acclaimed Restaurant Taller in Copenhagen. He was listed in Singapore’s The Peak Magazine list of Top Young Chefs of 2017, and was also featured in the Bali Bible’s Top 10 Chefs of Bali.  At Salon Bali, Philip will be bringing to the table contemporary, innovative Balinese dishes created with traditional Indonesian cooking techniques and ingredients.

Dishes include Flores oysters shucked to order and dressed with pandawa beach seaweed, scorched chili dressing and Abon scallops from Labuan Bajo with a dressing of fresh pressed and smoked coconut milk, finished with a sambal ikan kering or Balinese sambal with cured and dried tuna added for an extra umami boost; beef shortribs slow cooked for 48 hours and then finished over the charcoals with hierloom burnt carrot lawar and an espuma made from beef stock and kluwek nut; and duck breast with noodles made from squid and a spice heavy rebus sauce that’s inspired from the Mie Rebus the chef tried in Padang, Sumatra. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy desserts such as Nanas madu or sweet pineapple from West Java roasted in a spiced syrup and served with coconut sorbet, as well as dark 70% Bali sourced Dark chocolate cremeaux, with kenari nuts or Javanese almonds and pisang rai, a Balinese banana dumpling.

For the cocktail list at Salon Bali, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach’s mixologist Borty Jessika has curated drinks designed to be sipped at the right time throughout the meal. For example, Gin with aromatised wine, sirih and orange bitters or Amari with cocoa nib, arak vermouth and soda, are perfect to start, followed by palate cleansers such as Vodka with kecombrang, pineapple and wild honey or Rum, kalamansi and salted prunes. To finish the meal, diners are invited to sip on digestives Aged rum with beras kencur and chocolate bitters, or perhaps Arak Bali coffee with palm sugar and hot charcoal.

Chef Philip draws his culinary inspiration from the smells, sights and tastes experienced through local food markets, finding this to be the best way to appreciate the heart of food, produce, and culture of any destination. It is with this understanding and palate memories, as well as keeping up to date with current food trends, that Chef Phillip creates his innovative dishes. Chef Phillip especially enjoys working with the best local produce suppliers around the island of Bali to use as much home-grown ingredients as Chef Phillip can in his cooking.

Philip’s passion for spices and the flavours found in South East Asian cuisine has developed during his time working abroad in South East Asian regions such as Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. The flavours found in Salon Bali highlight his travels and experiences whilst working and travelling throughout Indonesia.