Arsana @ Alila Seminyak


Arsana Restaurant is the latest addition to Bali’s culinary world. Focusing solely on authentic Indonesian cuisines, Arsana aims to educate the public on what the true taste of Indonesia is really about. The restaurant’s Chef Patron is none other than William Wongso, one of Indonesia’s top-notch culinary experts. Some of Chef Wongso’s signature dishes for Arsana include Grilled Lamb Chop in Rendang Marinate, Maranggi Wagyu Saté, Bekakak Fried Duck, Crispy Pork Pata, Rica-rica King Prawn, Gado-gado Jakarta and plenty more. Arsana also benefits from its prime location in Alila Seminyak, as Seminyak is now the hippest town in Bali with its variety of boutiques, nightspots, cafes and restaurants.


Chef Wongso’s true mission as a culinary expert is to elevate Indonesia in the eye of the world through its culinary richness and incredible tastes. “I always say that food give no barrier to mankind. Food is like a universal language that can bring people together. Indonesian food in particular, is very special. I don’t think there are a lot of countries in the world with culinary richness quite like Indonesia. From my travels around the country, I had the privilege of learning from dozens of people who are true experts of their local cuisines. These extraordinary experiences are what I am bringing to Arsana. The chance for the public to experience and learn about authentic Indonesian cuisine, not only from Java but also Sumatera, Sulawesi, Bali and other areas not yet as popular as others”.


“Arsana” means happy, and this is also portrayed in the restaurant’s logo. Happiness is what Arsana will deliver to its guests and employees. Unrivalled food quality and authenticity, excellent service with a lot of smile, wonderful ambience both in- door and out-door are just some of the happy elements Arsana will bring into Bali’s culinary scene.






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