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  • F&B

    Winemaker Isabel

    The Yak sat down with Don Melchor winemaker Isabel Mitarakis Guilisasti to talk vintage. Isabel, as a woman – how ...
  • Georgia

    Georgia Sutherland fell in love with Bali, and made beauty her passion at Glo Day Spa. Photo: Ryerson Anselmo. ...
  • Justin Hall Is The Running Man

    Run and gun filmmaker Justin Hall talks to The Yak about his mission … let’s just say it … to ...
  • Venus

    Venus Pratova scaled the heights of international gymnastics before discovering the healing power of sensual dance. Photos: Oscar Munar. Venus, ...
  • Neil Wheels

    Neil McLellan took Liam Gallagher to his first museum … and produced Firestarter by The Prodigy. So there’s that. Words: ...
  • Ice Cream You Scream

    Liza and Quino make ice cream extraordinaire bringing Mexico’s famous processes to bare on Bali’s natural flavours. Words: Tony Stanton. ...





Saint x Sinner

Saint  x  Sinner  was  born in Bali and has been made here since 2013. Created  by Astrid  Soedjono-Astbury,  the  line  is  an  homage ...



Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

Who said ‘crime does not pay’? Deep in the recesses of an opulent sofa in a luxurious villa over looking the ocean sits the greatest art forger of our time. ...