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  • F&B

    Winemaker Isabel

    The Yak sat down with Don Melchor winemaker Isabel Mitarakis Guilisasti to talk vintage. Isabel, as a woman – how ...
  • Georgia

    Georgia Sutherland fell in love with Bali, and made beauty her passion at Glo Day Spa. Photo: Ryerson Anselmo. ...
  • Justin Hall Is The Running Man

    Run and gun filmmaker Justin Hall talks to The Yak about his mission … let’s just say it … to ...
  • Venus

    Venus Pratova scaled the heights of international gymnastics before discovering the healing power of sensual dance. Photos: Oscar Munar. Venus, ...
  • Neil Wheels

    Neil McLellan took Liam Gallagher to his first museum … and produced Firestarter by The Prodigy. So there’s that. Words: ...
  • Ice Cream You Scream

    Liza and Quino make ice cream extraordinaire bringing Mexico’s famous processes to bare on Bali’s natural flavours. Words: Tony Stanton. ...





South Sea Seduction At Bali Pearl

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls are the ultimate symbol of femininity and grace. The Bali Pearl celebrates feminine beauty ...



Classic Bali Travel Posters

Ask any interior designer in Bali…vintage travel posters remain highly sought-after items for collectors enamored by travel’s golden age. Story: Robin Sparks. Images photographed by Don Jensen. You’ve probably seen ...