La Sicilia Reopens

Arts Club, Bar & Restaurant

“A timeless gem, hidden in time and space.”

The handcrafted metal doors of the imposing building open. They are gates to another world, another century. The decor is inspired by travels, by cinema, literature, and fine arts. Most of the decorative work is candle-lit. Books, statues, paintings, and antique musical instruments set the ambiance.


Authentic, unique dishes, traditional recipes with a twist. Reinvented classics, and original creations create a menu rich with heritage, history, and passion. Extra-thin crust pizzas with genuinely Italian toppings, high-end quality meat served in a unique but homely way; including gluten-free & vegetarian creations. La Sicilia aims for the sophistication of palates.


Signature cocktails by the in-house mixologist quench thirst and curiosity. Made exclusively with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, La Sicilias mixed beverages are prepared with home-made bitters and infused spirits.

A wide range of specials are available all day, for an afternoon refreshment or a late-night sip.

The carte des vins features wines skillfully selected from Italy, France, Spain, and South-America.

Healthy juices are made-to-order and are sugar-free, instead sweetened with organic honey.


The fire that engulfed much of our beloved venue, originated from an electrical malfunction at our 2nd floor DJ stand. The fires spread to our storage shed of alcohol, causing the explosions that allowed the fire to grow quickly. After one and a half hours the local fire fighters put out the blaze.

Fortunately, there were no injuries from the incident, and remarkably no damage on the ground floor or the rooftop.

We have identified the electrical negligence that led to the fire and have installed systems to protect from any reoccurrence.

We mourn the events that struck La Sicilia, and finally after round-the-clock hard work and diligence, we have re-opened our doors once again. This time with a refreshed spirit, more powerful than ever, and a new menu crafted by Chef Gustav.



Gustav Green was born in England, and raised in Portugal. There, he worked alongside famous chef Henrique Sa Pessoa.

His passion for innovation led him to South East Asia, where he drew inspiration from chefs such as Andre Chiang, Massimo Buttura, and Alvin Leung. Gustav likes to de ne his style as contemporary, abstract, and seasonal.


Andrey Zhakarov was born and raised in Ukraine. He graduated from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, and has since gained a substantial amount of experience working in bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs.

Traveling the world with his passion for high quality unique cocktails, Andrey has aided multiple concepts and events with his artisanal creativity. Helping to further the cocktail culture in Ukraine and Moscow, he now has set his attention on Bali, using only fresh ingredients, high class spirits, quality ice, and the love for the culture of a well prepared and presented drink.