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  • Tom Wawnik

    Christina Iskandar gets a focus on fashion shooter Tom Wawnik. TOM, where do you come from? Poland, but I grew up ...
  • Athron

    Stephanie Mee tunes up with aussie muso Athron. Photo: Dean Hammer. ATHRON, let’s start singing. Well, I’m Australian and from ...
  • Jean Claude van Damme

    Ever inquisitive, Robert Wolf asks: whatever happened to … Jean-Claude van Damme? AH, ‘the muscles from Brussels’. Where would action ...


  • Winosphere: This Is Where We Go.

    Wine options for Bali oenophiles. May The Yak be with you. MOZAIC BEACHCLUB SET on the sands of Pantai Batu ...
  • Posh Nosh

    ASIAN HIGH TEA @ BIKU Experience the original and still the best place for High Tea in the Petitenget area. ...
  • Table 8

    Katie Truman experiences exceptional Chinese tastes, in more ways than one, at The Mulia. SIGNATURE Oriental restaurant Table8 is the ...



FashionOcean Apart1

Oceans Apart

Photography: Lukas Vrtilek Stylist: Ozlem Esen Hair & Makeup: Angie Anggoro Models: Emily Prodinger, Zahara (Fauve agency) Very big thanks: Mahendra at Twice ...


  • Art

    Art Sake

    Rowan Kane meets a group of artists in Bali and finds solace in the avant garde. Photos: Mark Carolan. CHEAP ...
  • Shapers

    The magic of surfboards, and those who create them. Words: Tim Hain. Photo: Anthony Dodds. A surfer can’t be a ...
  • Art


    MTV meets Bali meets Canada meets … Natisa Jones, a conflict of cultures that has created an artist worth watching, ...
  • Art

    Yonatan Rumion

    Kita berbincang dengan Yonatan Rumion, street artist danpenggemar olahraga gulat. Yonatan, kami melihat artwork unik Anda menghiasi dinding-dinding di Bali… ...



Get Sporty For Free At Four Seasons

With the mantra “one day can change your whole life”, Global Wellness Day on 11 June reminds us to never take our health for granted – and to support this important initiative, Four ...